Reminder: Sunday 17th October 2021, Gunung Geulis: Tee Time 11am.

Time to head up the mountain to the spectacular Gunung Geulis and make a weekend out of it. Quite a few birthdays and anniversaries so muted celebrations will be going on outdoors…. and no doubt some indoors.

Note the 11am Tee Time. Still time to sleep in after Saturday night for those who stayed and time for after gamers, but those travelling up will need to take off a bit earlier than normal.

There are currently 13 flights so it’s shaping up to be a great day out. We may get a downpour at some stage so be prepared with umbrella and something to keep you going in the 30 minute rain break. Then again, we may be lucky.

The format is stableford, not a scramble as initially intended, but there will be prizes based on the best combined score from the three best scores within a flight. That’s it, if you have a shocker, no problem your team can still win. So flights will compete as a team. Gimmies limited to a grip please…but pick ups fine once you can no longer score on a hole. Preferred lie is in force, “lift, clean and place”, on fairways and first cut of rough.

Quick shout out to anyone looking for a very cool set of wheels. Beloved Tee Setter Mel Cantarella is no longer travelling to Indonesia as he once was and is keen on arranging a quick sale of his 2012 MAZDA CX7 GT 2.3L TURBO SUV, which is still safely garaged in Jakarta. From personal experience, riding home in it several times exhausted from the laughs and great conversation during a round with Mel, it is a great set of wheels with a killer sound system.

Details are in the classified section here.

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Sunday 10th October, 2021 Imperial Golf Klub (with a K)

The Star Wars Imperial Army Has Arrived in Fortnite

The Imperial army was out in force this week, but this was the only photo we could find of them! In all 43 players joined, with Richard making a huge effort to get toImperial for the back nine and Guillaume and Kanji joining off the grid, sorry off the app.

The course was in good condition and the Klub (yes with a K remember) provided us with an early start, which was just as well, because the lightning came to stop play for about 20 minutes soon after. Anyway, everyone finished with plenty of light, in time to enjoy the sunset and after match options.

Lots of different comps all connecting this week, so follow carefully, it may get messy.

Overall very strong scores again, creeping up into the 40s. As the main comp was stableford, lets do that first: there were five players tied on 41 points – Timo, Dougie, Jude, Willie and Bobby – so a countback was required and, through the magic of golf mathematics, Willie and Bobby came through as equal second.

The winner for this week, with an outstanding round of 44 points was Vincent, well done!!

Rav continued his great recent form picking up Low Gross with 78. Complete scores from the app are here.

In the remaining matches for the Ric Wymer matchplay trophy, past winners Roger and Arnold took 34 holes before a winner could be declared, and it was to be the braveheart who pulled through 4 & 2, so Roger is through to the final of the Emas bracket. Riche and Patrick had a great struggle, with Riche coming through 1 Up, and promising Filipino revenge will rain down upon Roger. However, before he can deliver this blow, the unfinished battle between Juju and Emil has to be completed next week, and he has to play the winner of that…sure, it could be an all-Filipino match but we know how formidable a competitor the mighty Juju is, representing the the ladies of Tee Set. So, as could be expected, the Gold Bracket is full of drama and intrigue.

In the more humble Kuning (Yellow) Bracket, Sami and Mike battled it out on the first nine and then Sami started his back nine with three birdies and a par to leave Mike looking like a reindeer in his headlights. Mike scrambled back in his normal style but Sami took the match 4 & 3 to set up an All-Finn match with Timo for the Kuning Bracket, so either way we will have a Finn in the Final, continuing the proud tradition of fellow countryman and Tee Set matchplay champ, Jari in 2017.

And while all this was going on, so was the second round of the eclectic. Far too much information to include here, so we will save this for the reminder post later in the week. The good news is the third round will be played on 21 November at Imperial.

Next Up: Sunday 17th October, 2021 Gunung Geulis, West Course

Gunung Geulis – Golf Indonesia

With some of the largest elevation drops, and outstanding accomodation nearby, we are travelling to Gunung Geulis to celebrate various birthdays and anniversaries, and play some golf.

Now, we had planned a scramble, and we can still do that if that’s what people want, or we can play normal fourballs and work out a fun competition on the side. We’ll work it out depending on the numbers. For now, register as usual on the MyGolf2U app.

Many of us will be staying overnight on Saturday night, some on Friday night as well, so it’s a great weekend likely, and it’s a good time to play this course before the rainy season really kicks in.

Remember, we are now playing preferred lie – or “lift, clean and place” as people normally call it.

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Reminder: Sunday 10th October, 2021 Imperial Golf Klub (with a K)

Imperial Klub Golf - Home | Facebook

One of the best places for sunset, some of the quirkiest holes and a club always providing outstanding service, Imperial Golf Klub hosts us this Sunday.

There are still slots left so go to the MyGolf2U app and register, or contact Roger if you find someone has beaten you to it and he’ll try to open up another flight.

Format is stableford but it goes to the four round annual eclectic competition, so those who played Imperial last time will be able to better the scores you had. Men are off white tees this week, so sharpen up that wedge play. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s off to Climaxx (the Restaurant Bar!!!) after the game.

Tee Set Commitee

Nominations are open for the Tee Set Committee until 14 November. Remember the world is run by those who turn up, so if you want Tee Set to continue as a great fun golf society, you can contribute in lots of ways. Some do this through sponsorship, which is really appreciated, and normally goes to the Championships in November. Others put their hand up for a role on Committee and others help out with events and competition days. We have one paid admin position and the rest of the work is voluntary, so we need a willing committee to work together. Being on Committee is a great way to get to know your fellow Tee Setters. Sure, there are some hearty debates, but we also build strong friendships through this common interest.

If you want to put your hand up by nominating via email to We have not had a woman nominate for a long long time and it’s time we did, especially given the quality of our Tee Set ladies.

Once we have nominations in on 14 November, the new Committee will meet and work out a way forward in terms of Committee structure and leadership. If all is resolved within the Committee, then it will be announced at the Championships on 28th November, and if not, we will ask for a vote and move on into yet another year of fun golf….hopefully, easier than this bugger of a year…

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Sunday 3rd October 2021, Gading Raya

The celebrations were a little more subdued than those of the US Ryder Cup team, but there was plenty to celebrate at Gading yesterday. Our fastest round in memory at Gading, no rain and some excellent scoring, a brilliant eagle from Jude in off the pin, and the return after 20 years of the Tee Set Score Card Box. Still no presentations, mainly because reception, who collected our fees, had closed by the time we finished. We expect presentations to be coming back soon.

In all, 41 scorecards were received with full results here. For our first time all cards were entered in the MyGolf2U app, allowing the leaderboard to be generated immediately after play. A couple of minor bumps, due to handicaps and players not hitting the button to finalise their scores, but easily sorted.

The event was a stableford with 18 players scoring par or better. A special mention to Craig, of the less vertical variety, for his best nine ever of 38 gross (25 points) on the front nine, including three birdies in a row. Alas, concentration and energy waned a little on the back nine and he narrowly missed the prizes. Strong rounds also by Zach, Shawn and Dan, which most other weeks would have earnt them prizes.

Coming in third with 42 points was Jude, in second on 43 points and the lowest gross score of 75 was Axel, and with a brilliant round of 45 points, congratulations to this week’s winner, Diarmuid.

Leading in the ladies was Sally with 39 points, well done!!!

Finals matches for the Ric Wymer trophy were played between Roger and Arnold and between Emil and Juju, both finished all square, after epic battles. Matches will be replayed (or continued whichever way you see it) next week, along with the other finals, Sami v Mike and Patrick v Riche. It’s hotting up!

Coming Up: Sunday 10th October, 2021 Imperial Golf Klub (with a K)

Our one time monthy medal course and always a great day out, Imperial hosts us next week for the second round of the Tee Set eclectic, played off the white tees for men and red tees for women. We are still hopeful of finishing this four round competition before year end. Registrations are now being accepted on MyGolf2U app so get in quick.

As we have done beforehand, we will enjoy a great meal and no doubt some gin at Climaxx bar, 5 minutes around the corner from the Klub in Karawaci. It is a big space and safety protocols are followed. Check out their site here for a preview and for directions.

We mentioned last week the upcoming events, with 17th October being a modified scramble, to be held at the stunning Gunung Geulis course south of Bogor. It’s a big weekend of birthdays and anniversaries, so many of us are staying overnight on the Saturday night. Things will naturally be a bit more subdued than normal, but there is plenty of outdoor space and it will be nice to be up in the hills. There is a range of accommodation options nearby including the excellent Royal Tulip here. Those playing DOGS at Permata Sentul on Saturday are enocuraged to keep heading south and make a weekend of it.

We have been looking forward to a scramble format and we will try to organise it through the app, but if you have a team you wish to enter with, please let Roger know and we will make sure you can be entered together.

Preferred Lies

It’s that time of year, where the Committee invokes a local rule from now until the end of the wet season (we’ll let you know when), allowing preferred lies to be taken on the fairway and the first cut of rough. We expect more rain from now on, so lift, clean and place your ball if necessary. Please also take a preferred lie if your ball is on a tree root; we don’t want any injuries.

Preferred lies are not to be taken in bunkers. If some inconsiderate bugger has not raked the bunker, it is bad luck unfortunately, just try not to be an inconsiderate bugger, rake the bunker please!

Similarly, preferred lies are not be taken from heavy rough, that is, no sitting the ball up on a nice fluffy lie, otherwise it is no penalty for your waywardness. Take your punishment, hack the ball out and move on.

If you have any doubts on taking a preferred lie or any other rules issue, work it out with your playing partners, so at least you are consistent within your four. You can always confirm with the Committee after play if you really need to, but always remember Tee Set is a fun golf society.

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Reminder: Sunday 3rd October 2021, Gading Raya

The field is full for Sunday but let Roger know on +628113891350 and there may still be a chance of squeezing you in. Gents have a choice of white or blue tees, please be sure to mark the tee box on the app for handicap and scoring. We will be playing stableford format but no presentations yet. First tee off is 11.30am.

Winners from last week wil be discreetly slipped their winnings and MJ will be scratched onto the Monthly Medal shield.

Coming up we are returning to some of our favourite courses:

10 October – Imperial Golf Klub with a K

17 October – will be a scramble but still confirming where.

24 October – Riverside

31 October – back for the Monthly Medal.

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Sunday 26th September 2021, Tee Set Monthly Medal

We were lucky to be able to stage our first Tee Set Monthly Medal for several months – 46 players, held thanks to the generous sponsorship of Kojo, but with no presentation or photos, so Jon Rahm helped us out with some of his recent snaps.

Our winner this month does share one similarity with Jon Rahm, an abbreviated back swing, ok perhaps the occasional long range putt. He is not known for his celebratory fist pumps or 300+ yard bombs, but he was clearly getting something right this week with a net 65, 3 strokes clear of the runner up. I did see signs he was finding some form last week, and great to see it held together for two strong nines particularly the front nine (37 gross, 31 net). Note that this was an historic win, the first since we changed the format of Monthly Medals to net strokeplay after years of it being stableford. So it is only fitting that an historic person was the winner……

Yes, congratulations Mark Johnson, the September 2021 Tee Set Monthly Medallist.

Four players were tied for second, forcing a count back, which was decided in favour of Timo, followed by Ezra, Sami and Holger. Former Tee Set Vice President and Bevage Trophy winner and now JAWS Captain, Simon, was welcomed back with a fine round of 75 and Low Gross for the day. Reigning Tee Set Champion, Cucu, led the ladies in with a very strong net 70.

All completed scores provided here.

Thanks to Roger, Geoff and Bill for putting the day together and to the Club, as usual, for such a great job balancing golf and great service with all of the health protocols. Any problems players had with the app were ironed out, although there was a report of scores being wiped during the round, so let us know about anything like this by email and we will work through it.

Coming Up: Sunday 3rd October 2021, Gading Raya

A change of scenery this week, but we are still not ready to return to presentations and gatherings, so sign up through the MyGolf2U app and we will go from there. The format will be stableford. Ladies will be playing off red tees and gents off preferred tees – white or blue depending how you want to play the course.

Whether you choose white or blue tees, please make sure to enter the correct tee box when opening the app to start scoring. This will generate your correct handicap for the course and tee box. At the end of the competition, all scores will be stableford.

Tee Set Committee Nominations

Thanks for the nominations to date and we hope they will keep coming to Nominations will close two weeks before the Championships, 14th November, to allow the new Committee to form and work out what gets put to Tee Setters at the Championships.

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Sunday 19th September, 2021: Welcome back again!!

These were not the scenes on Sunday, although Andrew’s eagle may have prompted similar celebrations. Suffice to say the excitement is once again building in golf groups wherever we are.

A rain delayed start and some very slow non-Tee Setters on the course did not prevent all 43 players from finishing. Scores were not even close to last week’s bonanza, but there were strong rounds across the grades.

Welcome to Tee Set for James and Honey, and big welcome backs to Leon after 36 weeks, Jaco after 32 weeks, Matthew, Craig and Jude.

Thanks again to Roger and the club for making such a smooth operation, and thanks to all players for using the MyGolf2U app and allowing us to focus on our golf.

Again the event was stableford format and Riche led the field in with 40 points, followed by Indar with 39 points and Matthew and Dan on 38 points. Sally led the ladies in with 35 points and Andrew again had the lowest gross score with 78.

For all results please click here.

Next Up: Sunday 26th September, 2021: Tee Set Monthly Medal

After several months, we are again ready to play our Monthly Medal – changed for the first time to a net strokeplay scoring format, consistent with standard practice. Play will be off the blue tees for gents and red tees for ladies.

Registrations are again through the MyGolf2U app but have filled up quickly so if you wish to register, please contact Roger on +628113891350 as we have a reserve flight, and players do drop out.

We are returning to our welcome back course, the course we usually play our Monthly Medals on, with the same rules and protocols we have been following. We have had discussions with other great courses and have booked them over the next few weeks. The revised schedule will be confirmed later in the week.

Nominations for Tee Set Committee, 2021-22

At each Tee Set Championship event in November, an election is held to determine who will be running Tee Set over the following year. In past years, a President has been elected, but in 2020, a Committee was elected, and the Committee subsequently elected a Chair. The current Committee has voted by majority to continue this into 2021, so the election will be for a Committee. The next Committee may decide to go back to a President, it’s up to them.

All Tee Setters, especially our ladies who have not yet been on Committee as far as we can recall, are encouraged to nominate themselves or someone they think can represent them on the Committee. Of course, nominees have to agree. The Committee communicates with each other mainly online, and decisions are made on a majority basis. New ideas and new faces are very much welcome. We have survived for this long, including this year, because of our capacity to get on with each other and adapt. Tee Set is a fun golf society – which means the Committee always tries to keep fun and golf in balance. There is no Constitution and only one rule – a player must be able to stand unassisted on the first tee box. Everything else we try to work out based on common sense.

Please forward nominations to our official email

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Reminder: Sunday 19th September 2021

A really good response for Sunday’s round. There are 4 spots left so go to the MyGolf2U and register, or contact Roger if you are having any troubles accessing the app and he will help. Like last week, detailed instructions will be emailed to each player registered.

Please use the app for scoring, either during or immediately after the round, and ask your playing partners to assist of needed. The results will be generated by the app, and it will help us ensure your handicap is correct in future.

Change in the Monthly Medal Format

We have not been able to play our Monthly Medal for several months now, but will start again next week, Sunday 26th September. The Committee has made a decision to bring our Monthly Medal in line with standard practice and adopt a net scoring format for monthly medals, rather than stableford as it has been in the past.

Stableford and other formats (scramble, fourball for examples) will be used in other weeks. To increase speed of play when playing stableford format, players are encouraged to pick up when they can no longer score on a hole. Obviously if you pick up, you disqualify yourself from winning low putts, but we are not currently counting putts anyway, so let’s put that aside for now.

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Sunday 12th September 2021, Welcome Back Round!!!

Great to see 44 Tee Setters back again at one of our favourite courses in fantastic conditions for golf!! Continuing restrictions on gathering meant no presentations, but the leaderboard was able to be shared online through the MyGolf2U app. It was the first time we used the app exclusively for registration, pairings and scoring. Thanks to all for observing the rules and making it easy for everyone. A big thanks to Roger for liaising with the club on registrations and pairing, and Geoff for all the behind the scenes work in setting up the competititon on the app.

Of the 44 players, 31 submitted scores directly through the app and another 9 were added later. We could not find score cards for the remaining 4 players. Next week we will be using the same system at the same course and we hope to get everyone counted!!!

Our Stableford Points leaderboard….

And our Low Gross leaderboard….

Detailed results by player are here:

One of our best scoring fields with 24 players – over half the field – shooting par (36 points) or better. Tied at 41 points were TPS, Diana, Richie and Tom, so we had to go to a countback. We realised Tom had 43 points, but had not entered in the last hole into the app (forgiven this time), so he was clearly the winner. Final results: 4th Diana, 3rd Riche, 2nd TPS, 1st Tom. All will get prizes next time we see you.

Well done Tom and welcome back everyone.

Now normally for a Monthly Medal we only count stableford, but for this week (and next week) given it’s a welcome back, we are recognising Low Gross, which was won by Andrew with 75. We’ll start mixing up the formats again, and having Monthly Medal, as soon as we get back to normal.

In the matchplay, Adrian (39) and Timo (38) were both in form but Timo managed to choose just the right holes to win 2 and 1 and advance to the finals.

Next Up: Sunday 19th September 2021, Welcome Back (Again)

We return next Sunday to see if we can better what must have been a scoring record for Tee Set last Sunday. Same course, same time, same format (stableford) and the same rules apply although we expect dining capacity to be increased as restrictions are further relaxed. This is the club’s call.

Please register and score on MyGolf2U. If, like me, you prefer not to enter in scores during play, please do so immediately after your round, so the leaderboard can tally scores as soon as possible after the last flight comes in. Pay your 100k at the same time as you pay your green fees. Tees will be blue for gents and red for ladies.

We expect all our usual courses to welcome us in the next few weeks so we can resume a more normal schedule, but for now we are very grateful to be playing golf again. The access and gathering requirements are set by the Government and the clubs, so we will do our best to talk with the managements and make our guidance to you as clear as possible so you are free to enjoy your golf safely and hassle free.

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Welcome Back Sunday 12th September 2021

As announced earlier in the week, we will have a welcome back round this Sunday. All the details regarding the day, sign-ups, flights and scoring will be done through the app so please go to it if you still wish to join us – there are 2 spots left then we are closed for further registrations, unless someone drops out of course!. Let Roger know if you are wanting to join but it’s already full and he will monitor and advise you if a space frees up – note there are no walk-ins this week as the course in under strict guidelines for it’s operations, which includes pre-bookings only.

All the registered players will receive an email shortly regarding the protocols which are in place at the club and which we need to follow on Sunday. There are regular control visits, mostly unannounced, and so we need to comply at all times with the rules, which are there for our safe enjoyment of the round. Also, in the same vein, we will not be having our regular administration so the email will also cover the arrangements we have put in place for Sunday.

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