Sunday February 21 2021, Riverside Golf Club

The Day

With scenes like this the day before, it was no wonder that a few players decided to hunker down at home. Parts of Jakarta remain flooded, including the Eastern Promise pub (again), and rescue operations are continuing throughout the city. In typical resilient Jakarta style though, by Sunday the tolls were already clear of water, the access to Riverside was not affected and the course was in surprisingly good condition. And, after bucketloads falling in the days before, the rain held off all day, and the sun came out.

On a date that sounded like a concert sound check….2-1-2-2-1 (sorry band joke), it was a combined Tee Set/Jakarta Inter League round today, with an estimated 80 players competing, 46 officially submitting cards to Tee Set . Big welcome backs to Tapio and Detlef, always great to see you, as well as Sandbagger El Guapo and JAWS tycoons, Divya and Chris. No newcomers today.

The Play

So……first for the Tee Set competition, which was played in parallel with Inter League. It also included some memorable matches featuring two former Presidents, one Whispering who played Jude and the other, Singing, who played Dan the San Miguel Man. Geoff had three birdies but it was still not enough. After a mix of brilliant and woeful shots, both matches were squared going into the last hole. Dan chipped close and made the par putt to win his match and Jude took advantage of some waywardness from The Whisperer to take the honours there, and also win Low B Grade in the net competition on a countback. He was joined in the winners’ circle by the non whispering, non singing, but always collecting, former President Roger taking A Grade with a Net 66, lifted by his responsiblities of leading out the Pocksia team. Patrick joined them taking C Grade on a count back, a very popular winner, Patrick, is a Tee Setter who is happy to be paired as it suits, and as a result has become known quickly to a number of us for his good company and sharp wit.

After deserting the captaincy of Tee Set to captain JAWS, reportedly in a lucrative transfer deal, Simon led his new team from the front with a fine 76, returning to Tee Set briefly to collect our Low Gross award…and looked rather happy about it in the picture below. Rika, a regular feature in our winners’ circle, made up for countback disappointment in C grade to take First Sandy. The First Birdie went to Dave, who also took out Longest Drive in the Inter League. Mike topped the putting with 26 Putts and topped B Grade scoring, a double top, but missed the B Grade prize to Jude on a countback. The last to wake up, or the Most Improved by 10 strokes, was awarded to Phillip, who returned some of his winnings later for Most Strokes on a hole. Phillip was also part of the most lively table today, featured heavily in the social photos, which are hidden away here.

And now for our battlers, all from that same lively table!!!!! Max with Frans in one of our best skirt photos for a while, Hana joining Phillip for Most Strokes on a Hole, and Max up again (no fine this time) with Dimitri sharing Monster Putter.

Tee Set Inter League Team

Captain Sam was the most nervous we have ever seen him, prowling the grounds of Riverside like a caged lion, having declared on taking the job several weeks ago that he had his eye on the prize. Despite sleepless nights and obsessing over Amen Corner, Sam won his singles (below), leading Tee Set to secure 8 out of a possible 10 points, and move into second after the first round. He then collapsed into his chair in emotional exhaustion, unable to drink the Tanqeray he generously supplied, but with just enough energy to provide some notes, so thanks Sam.

Jakarta Inter League Team Captains line up before Sunday’s first round

Seven friendly societies competed, with JAWS and DOGS joining for the first time, putting some much needed bite into the competition. To accommodate an odd number of teams, the organisers devised an innovative format, which mixes matches across the different teams, as opposed to the old head to head format.

The Sandbagger in Chief, Fernando “El Guapo” showed some great form in the first singles match, using his shots to advantage to take a 5/4 win over our number one, Matt. Our Captain Sam then played Jens in a very tight match, won eventually by Sam 2/1. Sam had never seen Jens’ innovative putting stroke before and thought he was stretching, so was still chatting with playing partners on the first green as Jens prepared to putt. He quickly realised, apologised and enjoyed the show.

Following a pre-season recruiting coup, Tee Set managed to lure Lis back from Pocksia to play in the first pair with hubby Ric. Pairing hubby and wife at golf can be a disaster but it worked a treat in this case as they combined to take a 3/1 win, protecting Lis’s undefeated record in Inter League……no pressure there, hubby. Andy and Dave, in their first appearances with Tee Set, snatched a victory on the last hole. They were giving away a hefty stroke advantage to their opponents, Pocksia’s William and Ruth, but pulled out a stunning upset; this pair of Big Dogs were no sacrificial lambs at all. In the final pair, Tee Set reigning matchplay and eclectic champ, Arnold, was paired with Mike, rejuvenated after practice and intensive grooming by Captain Sam. They combined well to win 2/1 from Sandbaggers Willi and Ola. Mike shot a net 68 and his approach to within 3 feet of the pin on the treacherous Hole 3 – their 16th – to set up the win, was like he was throwing darts. Arnold was solid as ever picking up the holes that Mike did not.

Of course, many Tee Setters competed in other teams, and will be mentioned in their newsletters 🙂

The next round will be held on 14 March.

Next Up: Sunday 28 February 2021, Monthly Medal, Cengkareng, 12 noon

Image result for cengkareng golf

We are back to the great staff and facilities offered by Cengkareng for our premier event of the month, the Monthly Medal, played off the blue tees for men. Because we use a net scoring method for other weeks, we use a stableford scoring method for Monthly Medal rounds….just in case you are wondering…this is how we have always done it and yep we like to be different. Green fees have been capped at last year’s level of 875k, based on walking. Those preferring carts can book directly through the course, but please check before you leave home if the course is in condition to take the carts. It was not last time we played.

Sign up here as usual.

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Next Up: Sunday 21 February 2021, Riverside, 11.45am, 880k with carts

Image result for riverside golf indonesia greg norman

According to those who pretend to know, Greg Norman shot 81 the first time he played Riverside, a golf course he crafted out of the forest. He is an advocate for attacking golf, but the Shark may have been bitten by his own course. It has its own version of “Amen Corner”, three holes which test the nerve of every club golfer. However, it also has many holes which are able to be attacked, with plenty of opportunities for pars.

Riverside is one of the best facilities in Indonesia and we get to play here at least six times this year, linked up to the Jakarta Inter League competition. Tee Set launches its assault on the Inter League championship this week, with Sam and Ric leading us into battle. We also have players in other teams, including JAWS and DOGS who are in it for the first time this year. Good luck to all!!!!

The normal Tee Set competition will run in parallel, and will include both Inter League players who wish to join and Tee Setters not competing in Inter League. To keep the Tee Set competition consistent with Inter League, men will play off the white tees and we will follow the Inter League ruling on the day as to whether preferred lies (lift, clean and place) will apply. Please check when you arrive.

If you have not signed up already, please register here.

Quick Update: Rules of Golf

Image result for rules of golf

We have written about pace of play before – max 40 seconds to take a shot, play ready golf and all that 🙂 …and…. as we move into matchplay competitions, it’s a good time to refresh ourselves on the rules of golf. Knowing the rules will help minimise confusion or conflict in matches. Going right to the source, the R&A has fantastic resources online, including an online rules academy, where you can complete courses free and get a certificate (more here).

One of the most misunderstood rules relates to relief from red stake penalty areas, and there are plenty of these at Riverside this week!!!! This video from USGA explains the rules well.

With red stakes, you can play the ball as it lies inside the penalty area or take relief with one penalty stroke, from the point that your ball crossed into the penalty area, NOT where your ball eventually lands or rests.

You have three standard options for relief with one penalty stroke: lateral relief (drop within two club lengths from the point your ball crossed into the penalty area); on the line relief (drop within one club length anywhere on a line extended back from the hole through where your ball crossed into the penalty area – note this is often not available because that line takes you further into the penalty area), and stroke and distance relief (drop within one club length of where you played your last shot). If you choose stroke and distance relief, please make this decision quickly, so as not to slow down play. The most common relief taken is lateral relief. All drops must of course me no nearer the hole.

If your ball clearly crosses into a red penalty area from your tee shot, there is no reason to play a provisional ball, but you can choose to hit another tee shot with a penalty as part of taking the stroke and distance relief option. Again, most often, players will go to where their ball crossed into the penalty area and take the lateral relief option. In addition to standard relief options from penalty areas, there are also designated drop zones, intended to help with pace of play, so you may take relief there on penalty of one stroke.

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Sunday 14 February 2021, Valentine’s Day Scramble, Sawangan Golf Resort

The Day

Our first special event of the year, a “couples” scramble for Valentine’s Day. This was restored to our calendar this year after a break of almost 20 years, and was a huge success all round. So most of the focus will be on the day and the “couples”, with some loose notes about the play.

First of all a big thanks to James and Lili “Let your Love Flow” Bristow for doing just that and organising an outstanding event. Thank you, Jane Finnie, for staying up the night before to bake cupcakes for the goody bags – Jane, we had photos of you in the madness of the day but none of them did you justice, so we will wait. On the contrary, we did capture Ric at his glamourous best below and, to you and Lis, our appreciation as always for liaising with the venue and reaching out to long lost friends to join, including from other societies. A big thanks to Bags for donating Prosecco for the winners, even though he could not make the event. The team at Sawangan were amazing, making us so welcome (we love you too) and even washing our cars while we played. Finally to the 42 players who got into the spirit of the event, of course the ladies were the stars, but also thanks to TBS and the other uncoupled lads who were left over to play with each other.

Sawangan was the site of the first Tee Set event over 37 years ago. We last played there for our 30th birthday scramble, and yesterday may be the last time we play there. I think many of us felt that was a shame. The course was a picture (thanks Bill), the greens were true, and the guys got a buzz out of playing off the red tees for a change. Whatever happens, we have very fond memories of our Valentine’s Day visit.

A big welcome back to Iris and Louis, who last played at Sawangan 12 years go and to Phil and Ika, who organise the R&A society. They kindly hosted some of our players at their Monthly Medal on Saturday and it is always great to see them at Tee Set, featured here in action, and later in the winners’ circle.

It was great to have DOGS supremos, JB, Sarah, Rod and the little terrier himself, Craig, join with us, although we claim him as ours too. One of the highlights of the day was when we realised the prize mugs were printed with the Tee Set logo but the text “DOGS Valentine’s Day’. Horrfying to Lili and James but hilarious to all of us and a further sign of the closeness of the societies, particularly during this tough time for everyone. JB pictured here with what will no doubt become a collector’s item in years to come. Our big joint event is of course the Rancamaya weekend, usually held in June, but it was great to play together and share a few quiet ones.

Lots of ladies from the JAWS group too, and a few of the lads.

Many more photos here.

The Play

And now for the play. A suitably complicated scoring system was introduced, combining percentages of handicaps, adding to give “couples” an advantage, adding further based on beers consumed, taking the square root of the derivative of the median (no, that bit’s not true) …. and this is what we got!

Congratulations to the winning couple, Rosie and Sam. We can now reveal that this pairing was weeks in clandestine preparation, and Sami, who chose not to play without his preferred partner, can now discover the cause of his rejection. There were several name changes to this pair along the way, none of which can be published, either too crass or too corny. Sam was clearly nervous on arrival to the course and asked long-time confidante, Cucu, for some tips over a pre-match manicure. Rosie arrived with her eye clearly on the prize, overheard telling Sam on the first tee box to take an iron and place the ball in the middle of the fairway: “Course management, Sam, course management” she repeated three times. She was right to emphasise this too. By the end of the first nine, Sam had sprayed his drives like a Jackson Pollock and was worried he would not meet his quota of six drives. As it turned out, he reached his quota on the 18th, driving the green to set up an eagle putt. According to their playing partners, Rosie was the mature skipper that guided this young sailor and steadied the ship, but both players putted superbly, narrowing missing that eagle on the last.

We sent James and Takahashi-san to the bar, rather than award them runners-up. They were good with that. The runners up were an actual couple, Phil and Ika. Rav and TBS are not a real couple either, so were also sent to the bar, along with a bottle of gin awarded for Grossest, sorry Lowest Gross. Of coure, awarding the guys a bottle was a strategic move, because we knew from previous form that they would share it with the rest of us. Regular winners, Rika and Matt, took third place, and may have done even better but they had no beer discounts to improve their score. Matt asked if he could get Rika putting for him every week. After pictured above exploring his feminine side, Ric is pictured here perhaps overcompensating, as Lis carries the case of Ric’s favourite drop, Anker beer, for fourth place.

Thanks to Bill for leading the presentations, pictured below with Kayla, Adrian(a) and Richard, who slipped on one of his wife’s outfits just before tee off.

Next Up: Sunday 21 February 2021, Riverside, 11.45am, 880k with carts

Our round this week co-incides with the opening of the Jakarta Interleague Competition, which this year includes for the first time teams from DOGS and JAWS. After 6 weeks of eclectic rounds, the cunning DOGS honed their skills and put potential players’ feet to the fire on this tricky Greg Norman designed course, and the mystics in JAWS will no doubt claim some sort of weird spiritual affinity with the Shark. However, according to our own Captain Sam, Tee Set is in it to win it this year. He is crafting a winning combination of singles and pairs and may tap you on the shoulder with a call to duty. Those not so tapped, will enjoy a pressure free round, perhaps playing your first round of Tee Set matchplay. In line with Interleague rules, men will play off the white tees. Always a good day out at Riverside with great staff, an open air clubhouse and excellent facilities. Sign up here.

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Coming Up: Sunday 14 February 2021, Valentine’s Day Scramble, Sawangan, 10.30am

It’s almost time. If you haven’t got a partner yet, try your luck and sign up here. Not too many people but lots of prizes, including one we just made up – best team name. Make it up together and write it on your card. Your chances of winning something this week are real good. Thanks to James “Let your Love Flow” Bristow and Lili for all their hard work in the lead up. Sure to be a day to remember.

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Sunday 7 February 2021, Gading Raya Padang and Golf

The Day

Kudos to the course management for presenting it in such excellent condition after all the rain through the week. Fortuately the rain held off to allow play. A good turn out of 46 players and a very good atmosphere on the course and off. Welcome back Coach Ken and Max after decent breaks and good to see Grant survived the surf and apres surf in Bali, and is back with us for a break.

The photos featured the Seabrook-Wymer family challenge, Ric here pictured doing his best “Happy Gilmore”. Some big hitters – Sam and Adrian – were paired for the first time with former Club Champ Jaco and the less stretched of our Craigs. Striving for some extra distance to match his playing partners, Craig swung so hard on one shot, he clean missed it.

Matchplay Supremo Bags did well to launch the first matches before he heads off this week for an intensive golf camp at Mar-a-Lago, hoping to make his swing great again. We expect him to return to win his own competition. He managed to take the first step, overcoming Ric, in a socially distanced match, played from different flights. They agreed they did not want to get in each other’s head.

The Play

Another big hitter, David, took Low Net A with 70, a reward for patience after several recent good rounds. Emil shot a great 66 to win Low Net B and his match against James 4/2. Dimitri had the round of the day with 65, including a skirt (see below). Overall scores were low – see here – with 14 birdies and 4 rounds under 80, the best being Matt. Your picture with the cash was a bit fuzzy so we found a better one.

In the other prizes, confusion reigned supreme, due to early departures, messy scorecards and Ric leaving his specs at home. Yes, the normal organised chaos. Mike was clear winner of Low Putts with 26. Sami, pictured in the seated pose that he has made his own, was awarded First Sandy, because Sam, who had first sandy was ruled out of contention because he was in contention for another prize, which he did not win. 200k awaits next round!!!

Pictured below as a winner of both Most Improved, through a complex process of calculation, and Most Strokes on a Hole is Frans. He was photographed twice but we like a good money shot. Joining Frans in the battlers circle were Eli, unlucky to be just over the 40 putt threshold for Monster Putter, and Dimitri and Max, brave survivors for the skirt photo. A number of skirt fines are still on account….they go to a good cause…subsidising social events, so consider them a gift that gives back.

In other matchplay fixtures, Axel outplayed matchplay specialist, Jari, 4/3 and Juju topped Mike 2/1. The competition is now off and running!!!!!

Coming Up: Sunday 14 February 2021, Valentines’ Day Event, Sawangan, 10.30am, 315k walking, 415k shared carts (15 carts available), team of 2 scramble off the red tees

The idea of a weekend lockdown seems to have passed for now, but we have toned down the event. As Celine Dion sang as the Titanic tilted, the golf will go on.

No Luscious Love Tones, no BBQ feast, but a fun day followed by Lili’s famous chilli beans to welcome you in and help with the social distancing….plus prizes and oh, treats for the ladies…

Like all Valentines Days, this is all about the anticipation. Intrigue about the pairings is intensifying. Registrations are now open here but we promise we will keep the pairings a secret until Sunday.

Sawangan has a special place in the history of Tee Set. It will be our last round there before it disappears, so we look forward to a fond farewell. A number are staying at the bungalows on the course, which can be booked in advance through Devi on 0812 9504 1383. Phil and Ika have also extended an invitation to all Tee Setters to join their R&A group Monthly Medal event on Saturday morning, tee off 11am.

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Next Up: Sunday 7 February 2021, Gading Raya Padang Golf and Club

Time to remind you if you have not signed up for this week’s round to do so here now. Green fees are 850k with carts and first groups tee off at 11.30am. Please nominate your preferred tee box and any pairings you have arranged in the comments section.

Coming Up: Valentine’s Day, 14 February, Sawangan

Image result for valentine golf

Roses are red, violets are blue, this day at Sawangan is all about you, ladies.

There has been some frantic action in the early pairings. We have even seen some ladies we rarely see coming along for practice rounds in anticipation. For those not yet paired, enjoy it while it lasts, we can work it out on the day.

With a great southern BBQ provided by Werner Jayson and team, lots of prizes and goodies, and plenty of Indonesian and western favourites brought to you live by the Luscious Love Tones, James “Let your Love Flow” Bristow has put together a brilliant event. Overnight accommodation is available through the course through Devi on 0812 9504 1383. For those wanting to play on Saturday, the R&A monthly group tees off at 11am, so be there at 10.30, introduce yourself to Phil and pay your 50k entry.

Our tee off on Sunday will be at 10.30am, an earlier start for an earlier finish. Fifteen carts have been pre-booked but it is a walking course for those who prefer. For players, the combined entry and BBQ fee is 250k and for non-players, who are most welcome, the BBQ fee is 150k. Drinks can be purchased through the club or smuggled in discreetly. For those accustomed to lavish, subsidised Tee Set events, these will come later in the year, when we are more cashed up with your fees and fines. As usual, everyone is reminded to enjoy the event safely, respecting the COVID protocols. We’ll call for registrations and pairings next week, so you can keep your secret a little longer.

Coming Up: Jakarta Interleague 21 February, Riverside – Tee Set Starts our Campaign

Our Interleague Captain, Sam Westen, in action recently at Modern.

Yes, we can now post videos! Before judging us all on this swing, we must remind ourselves that the Tee Set team will present a diversity of swing styles, personalities and handicaps, but will be unified under a banner of green to regain the Interleague championship in 2021. Sam returned recently from several years away rescuing wildlife to captain our interleague team, and has told us “the team is taking shape, but is not yet final, so if you feel you are discovering form and fancy a challenge, then call me on 08528 045 6768”. He was overheard saying something similar somewhere else recently. Anyway…..moving on…it’s a six round matchplay competition played at Riverside as a mix of pairs matches (fourballs) and singles matches (two balls). For those Tee Setters interested in competing, let Sam know and for the many who moonlight with other teams, all the very best of luck to you, we’ll see you in battle!

Coming Up: Bandung Bash, Easter Weekend, 1-4 April, Giri Gahana Golf Resort

Fancy dress night at an earlier Bash

A tradition of over 15 years now, Geoff Thwaites hosts the Bandung Bash every Easter. It’s all about the fun, with the fancy dress night now legendary. Talk, or whisper, with Geoff about it, or check out the website here.

This is not an official Tee Set event, so we will continue our schedule during Easter, but it’s a great alternative for those who want a change of scenery.

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Sunday 31 January 2021, Monthly Medal, Cengkareng

The Day

Well done Rika, our Monthly Medallist for January, a great round of 44 points. An all round display of fine fashion and fine golf – consistent driving, clean chipping off muddy lies, solid putting, Rika has signalled that her handicap will drop fast, as she thrives from the competition, especially with hubby Matt – no gimmies in that couple.

A very warm welcome back to Chowvalit, one of our original Thai guys, after 272 weeks away. Welcome also to newcomers, Jake and Dyta, both of whom featured in presentations.

Our photos today tend to focus on the clubhouse, as the course, normally pristine, was a muddy mess. With so much rain lately, the staff did well to keep it open for us. As usual a great atmosphere in the club afterwards, open air, great food and well spaced for safety. Play was slow leading to a late finish for many, more on that later, not the club’s fault this time.

The Play

There were two official competitions, and lots of side shows, going on. In the eclectic showdown, held to break the tie in the last 2020 eclectic round, Arnold came through to improve his score by 4 shots and add the ugliest of Tee Set’s trophies to his 2020 Matchplay win. Jude collected the 200k that he missed out on last time.

The eclectic now moves to Imperial, over four rounds, one competition only per year.

In the Monthly Medal Competition, Rika (above) blitzed the field, hubby Matt won Low gross with a very solid 77, Sami and Lis (pictured somewhat awkwardly here – not sure what’s going on) took A and B on count backs and Jari, who currently squeezes into C Grade, took the honours there. Adrian continued his cash bonanza with another prize for longest drive (255m/280 yards) joined by Juju (168m/185yards). Bristow, James Bristow, took Low Putts with an outstanding 26. Michael, who I think was overlooked on the day, was later awarded first Birdie (cheque is in the mail, mate), after Adrian and Jari won other prizes – his picture snuck in here with COVID hair. Robert (in my favourite photo of the day) won Most Improved (aka Last to Sober Up), Jake took first sandy and Dougie – who left before prizes, I’m told, to get more Scotch – took Nearest to the Pin (164cm/66 inches).

Not to be forgotten, our battlers, including what we feel may approach a record for putts, thanks Dyta, on your first outing, for being such a good sport and getting value for money out of your time on the greens. A very healthy harvest of skirts, four from the same pairing, and Mike taking most strokes, seen here blocking out Ric’s words of encouragement.

Pace of Play: A “Not so” Gentle Reminder

The biggest factor that turns people off Sunday rounds is slow play. Now, normally this has been caused by course management slotting outside pairings onto the 1st and 10th holes at our half way point, but this week it was all our fault, and the marshalls issued warnings, more than once. So, during COVID there are usually 10 minutes between flights. Each group starts ten minutes apart and should finish 10 minutes apart, not 30 minutes apart.

Under USGA rules, which we follow:

Players should play at a prompt pace throughout the round. Players are both allowed and encouraged to play “ready golf” in a safe and responsible way (Rule 6.4b) and should make a stroke in no more than 40 seconds (Rule 5.6b).

Get your gloves on or off on the way to a tee or green. Hit provisional balls if you are not sure where your ball landed. Spend three minutes only looking for a ball and don’t involve the whole group; if you can’t find it, take a two shot penalty and play from the fairway in line with where you saw your ball headed. Aim to keep up with the group in front, not the group behind. Read your putts on the way to your ball, not after your playing partners’ putts. Gently nudge each other along. Walk to your ball, play ready golf. Award gimmies, if within a grip from the hole, or, if your playing partner has already reached over 7, be a bit more generous. There’s no point rubbing it in.

Under USGA rules, stroke penalties are given for slow play, but we don’t want to get to that stage, so please regulate it yourselves. Faster play is better for your golf and it’s fairer for all of us.

Next Up: Sunday 7 February 2021, Gading Raya, 11.30am 850k with carts

Gading Raya Padang Golf | GoGolf Indonesia

Sticking to the west of Jakarta during the rainy season, with slightly less chance of rain, we head to Gading Raya. Nominate your preferred tee box in the comments box, along with any pairing preferences, when you register here. Remember, all through the rainy season, we are playing a local rule for preferred lies (lift, clean and place).

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Next Up: Sunday 31 January 2021, Monthly Medal (and Eclectic Showdown), Cengakereng Golf Club, 12 noon, 875k – walking

Cengkareng Golf

This is our premier event each month at a first rate course, played off the championship blue tees for men. Sign up here if you have not done yet. Due to the recent heavy rain, the club is not allowing carts or hoverboards on the course, so it is walking only.

Coming Up: Save the Date – Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14 February, Sawangan

As laid out last week, this is shaping up as a brilliant event, with a focus on fun and friendship, perhaps even some love…..lock it in the calendar and, if you want to stay and play at the cabins there, contact Dewi on 081295041383.

Start feeling around for a partner too, handicap advantage will be given to mixed teams. Sawangan has a special place in Tee Set history and this will be the last time we play there, so let’s see it off in style.

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Sunday 24 January 2021, Four Club Challenge, Pondok Cabe Golf & Country Club

The Day

Ok, so Pondok Cabe tends to divide opinion and the rain and shambolic management made for a miserable start. The Whisperer, pictured above underneath his umbrella rella, was a reluctant starter, but in true form battled on, racking up 27 putts on the first nine (more below). This was a tactical lesson in club choice; most who scored well carried a putter.

As always, things got better. Most players really enjoyed the innovation required in the four club challenge, the weather cleared and the smaller group allowed us to enjoy the space safely. No newcomers this week but great to have Doug (pictured in bright orange above) back after 97 weeks! Scotty returned after 16 weeks to enjoy a surprise victory, well, within the household; we expect Kayla to be back with a vengeance next week with a full set of clubs!

Volker, in his last round with us for a while, shot an excellent net 68 and showed his appreciation to the caddies (pictured above) who helped him through the round. (Editor’s Note: It was predicted in last week’s report that after paying a fine last week he would get his money back quickly…just saying…) Safe travels and see you when you are back! Volker denied Ric glory after a brilliant round of 69. Ric is fresh out of two weeks precautionary isolation, which seemed to help his game, and he is a key advocate for the competition to be held once a year.

The Play

To those familiar with limited club events, including our friends at JAWS who held one co-incidentally at Modern on Friday, they can produce low scores. Players tend to commit to shot choice and focus more on course management. Sunday was no exception. Many players had their best round for weeks and the net winning scores of 70 (A Grade – Roger), 68 (B Grade – Volker) and Michael (C Grade – 75, he was very happy with that!) demonstrated our capacity to adapt. With two contrasting styles, but the same scores on the same front and back nine – 43 and 37, Richard and Sam were impossible to split for Low Gross so were both awarded the cash. Sam was definitely looser as the round went on.

Andy again flew the coop before prizes, and the two most gross (sorry lowest gross) had already collected, so Jari picked up the cash for Most Improved. Tom scored an excellent sandy par on the par 3 15th, a clean contact from the bunker followed by a rocketing 5 metre putt with his 3 wood. Playing in the same group, your scribe took first birdie on the first hole, not pictured here because I’m holding the camera and we don’t do selfies. After first birdie last week on his first hole in his first round, Adrian kept his Tee Set books well in the black, with another 200k for low putts this week.

After a rare “skirt drought” last week, the cross dressers returned in force, three from the same group – Ashadi missed the group photo but we didn’t want him to be left out so got him solo. Tom had to return 50k of his winnings for most strokes and Geoff was the Monster Putter, good to see after a sad start that the day ended with a happy ending, smiling here with his furry friend.

Next Up: Sunday 31 January 2021, Monthly Medal (and Eclectic Showdown), Cengakereng Golf Club, 12 noon, 875k – walking

To be played off the blue tees for men. Yes, the monthly medal is our premier monthly event, played at the quality Cengkareng Golf Club. The price of 875k is for walking but carts or hoverboards can be organised by players at a fee directly through the club. Sign up here as usual.

Starting off tees 1 and 10, this week is also the showdown between the four Tee Setters tied at the end of the last eclectic cycle of 2020: Juju, Jude, Arnold and the more gravity affected of the Craigs. It’s the first time we have had a tied result – all players ending on a score of 56, so it’s into the pressure cooker they go!

All contenders have a clear path to victory!!! They are closely matched on handicap – Arnold and Jude off 16, Juju off 18 and Craig off 19. Arnold’s best chances to improve his score are on holes 3,4, 6,9 and 16; Craig on 2,5,13 and 17, Jude on 2,4,7 and 18, and Juju on 2,15, 16 and 17.

It shapes up as a nail biter and may be decided on the last four holes. At the end of the round we will have a winner!! If players are still tied, then the lowest net score for the day will win the trophy, if equal on net, then the normal countback process will apply to determine a winner, based on the day’s round. This will be the last eclectic at Cengkareng; it will be separated from the Monthly Medal and played over 4 rounds at Imperial, a once a year trophy.

A reminder too that Tee Set Matchplay entries close on Sunday before play and the draw will be announced by Matchplay Supremo “Bags” at the presentation after play. Register here if you have not done so yet.

And finally, a plug for our weekday brothers and sisters in JAWS, many of whom are also Tee Setters, celebrating their First Anniversary on 26 February.

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Next Up: Sunday 24 January 2021, Four Club Challenge, Pondok Cabe

Yes, please bring only four clubs and, if you have not yet registered, do so here

After reporting one case of COVID last week, we can advise that all close contacts were notified and all have either tested negative or shown no symptoms. So far, so good, no more cases – evidence that respecting personal distance works.

Players make their own decisions on risk.  We encourage everyone to follow Government advice, observe social distancing, sanitise hands and wear masks in enclosed areas and when registering and submitting scores to protect yourselves and those helping out.  Where possible, it’s also best to find well ventilated, preferably open air spaces, to eat, drink and gather after play, and the club has been made aware of this.  Golf has helped many of us get through this mess, so let’s try to keep it safe.

Handicaps, Tee Boxes and Other Stuff

In the last few weeks, we have covered handicaps and tee boxes.  We are up to date with handicaps now, and we have worked out the white vs blue tee box question, without leaving people out.  As a loosely assembled society, we don’t have membership fees and we try not to have too many rules. In fact, our only written rule has been that players must be able to stand unaided on the first tee box! Our society relies on sensible self-regulation.  We work on the principle that Tee Set players conduct themselves safely and respectfully to each other (of course friendly banter is encouraged!) and to caddies and staff.  Tee Setters who register are accepting this principle. None of the Committee want to police player behaviour but we will decline registrations for a period of time if we find dangerous or disrespectful behaviour. We have not had to do that yet and we hope we never do, but we will if we have to. Now, back to the fun….

Coming Up……Valentine’s Day Event, Sunday 14 February 2021, Sawangan

Free Golf Valentine Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

Chocolates, roses, love songs, overnight stays in cabins, and red tees…..all these come together in our special Valentine’s event, now being put together by Social Events Guru, James “Let your love flow” Bristow.  Now, this is a retro event, rekindled thanks to Jack Calcote’s nostalgia, harking back to the early days of Tee Set when Sawangan was a regular course and the Valentine’s event was a calendar highlight. 

It will be a two person scramble, played off the red tees, with mixed teams encouraged and given a handicap advantage.  It will start at 10am, to allow us time for after match entertainment and prizes. Of course, single entries are welcome and will be paired up, if possible in a mixed pair, or if necessary with another fella. Gents pairs will also be welcome, if that’s how you feel. It will be a fond farewell to Sawangan, which is soon to be converted into housing.  No need to register yet, but save the date!

To those interested, overnight stay options on Saturday and/or Sunday night are available through the very helpful Devi on 0812 9504 1383.  If you have no luck getting through, try 0878 0431 8708. There will be an after match BBQ, and live music will be provided by the Luscious Love Tones, featuring some well known Tee Set voices. The event will be open air and social distancing will be expected on the dance floor, well, except for genuine couples.

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