Next Up: Sunday 24 January 2021, Four Club Challenge, Pondok Cabe

Yes, please bring only four clubs and, if you have not yet registered, do so here

After reporting one case of COVID last week, we can advise that all close contacts were notified and all have either tested negative or shown no symptoms. So far, so good, no more cases – evidence that respecting personal distance works.

Players make their own decisions on risk.  We encourage everyone to follow Government advice, observe social distancing, sanitise hands and wear masks in enclosed areas and when registering and submitting scores to protect yourselves and those helping out.  Where possible, it’s also best to find well ventilated, preferably open air spaces, to eat, drink and gather after play, and the club has been made aware of this.  Golf has helped many of us get through this mess, so let’s try to keep it safe.

Handicaps, Tee Boxes and Other Stuff

In the last few weeks, we have covered handicaps and tee boxes.  We are up to date with handicaps now, and we have worked out the white vs blue tee box question, without leaving people out.  As a loosely assembled society, we don’t have membership fees and we try not to have too many rules. In fact, our only written rule has been that players must be able to stand unaided on the first tee box! Our society relies on sensible self-regulation.  We work on the principle that Tee Set players conduct themselves safely and respectfully to each other (of course friendly banter is encouraged!) and to caddies and staff.  Tee Setters who register are accepting this principle. None of the Committee want to police player behaviour but we will decline registrations for a period of time if we find dangerous or disrespectful behaviour. We have not had to do that yet and we hope we never do, but we will if we have to. Now, back to the fun….

Coming Up……Valentine’s Day Event, Sunday 14 February 2021, Sawangan

Free Golf Valentine Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

Chocolates, roses, love songs, overnight stays in cabins, and red tees…..all these come together in our special Valentine’s event, now being put together by Social Events Guru, James “Let your love flow” Bristow.  Now, this is a retro event, rekindled thanks to Jack Calcote’s nostalgia, harking back to the early days of Tee Set when Sawangan was a regular course and the Valentine’s event was a calendar highlight. 

It will be a two person scramble, played off the red tees, with mixed teams encouraged and given a handicap advantage.  It will start at 10am, to allow us time for after match entertainment and prizes. Of course, single entries are welcome and will be paired up, if possible in a mixed pair, or if necessary with another fella. Gents pairs will also be welcome, if that’s how you feel. It will be a fond farewell to Sawangan, which is soon to be converted into housing.  No need to register yet, but save the date!

To those interested, overnight stay options on Saturday and/or Sunday night are available through the very helpful Devi on 0812 9504 1383.  If you have no luck getting through, try 0878 0431 8708. There will be an after match BBQ, and live music will be provided by the Luscious Love Tones, featuring some well known Tee Set voices. The event will be open air and social distancing will be expected on the dance floor, well, except for genuine couples.

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Sunday 17 January 2021, Modern Golf & Country Club

The Day

Another great day out of the house. The course was in good condition, greens fast and true, fairways wide, but bunkers were absolutely punishing. The cloud cover created humid conditions early on but the breeze came as relief on the back nine. A big welcome back to Frans after 152 weeks, picture below as a prize winner, and newcomers welcome to Adrian, Jason and Jim, pictured here with Kayla, back after 15 weeks – Kayla elected to play off the whites today, kudos!!! Sam may have outdrove/outdriven (?) Suave Gaurav but fell behind in scoring and fashion today, Rav playing outstanding golf to win Low Net A Grade (photo included above because the prize photo was a shocker, sorry mate!).

For the first time, we allowed players to choose their tee box. The admin was smooth (!) but there was a wait on the first tee boxes. To be honest, there wasn’t much difference between the blue and white tees at this course, and the handicap differences were very slight. As we said, we are now defining tee boxes for each course, then all men, and Kayla who hits it further than many of us, will play from the same tee box.

The Play

Lots of cash was shared among the different playing groups. Low Net A was taken by Guarav (see photo above). Low Net B went to Jude, a good sign for the upcoming eclectic showdown, and Low Net C to Rika, who is getting a reputation as having one of the best putting strokes in the group. To Sam and Guarav (above), you guys really had no hope in the fashion stakes this week. Richard Mau did what he does best, smile and hit greens, to win Low Gross with 78.

In the skill prizes, David and Adrian, on his very first hole with Tee Set, carded birdie on hole 1. Adrian was clearly more stoked in the picture here, sorry for skipping your birdie on first look, Dave!! Sam (pictured above) spanked a 300m+ drive on the par 5 first (10th as played) but then wedged into a plugged lie on the face of the greenside pot bunker, somehow muscling it out to card the first sandy par. Roger and Marvin were kings of the flat stick sharing Low Putts. Sami, captured in action here, took a while to wake up, but eventually did to improve 9 shots on the back nine, and Frans scored the first par among the over 30 handicappers.

No skirts – the first for a long time. Richie and Volker shared Most Strokes with 10 and Patrick took out Monster Putter. All good sports, particularly Volker who thought he had won money, don’t worry the time will come.

Next Up: Sunday 24 January 2021, Four Club Challenge, Pondok Cabe 11am, 500k walking, 600k with cart


So this one takes a bit of explaining….our four club challenge requires all players to select and carry only four clubs for the round.

One can be a putter but it does not have to be, you may decide to putt with a different club. If you need guidance on which clubs to choose or you are just bored in your room and need something to read, here are some ideas.

Pondok Cabe is an old club, not as long as many we play, so well suited to a competition like this. It is currently in very good condition. We are using white tee boxes for men.

So get ready to grip down, open or close the club face, vary your swing and use your imagination.

Challenge is the key word, so enjoy it. And remember, only carry the four clubs you need. Sign up here.

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Next Up: Sunday 17 January 2021, Modern Golf & Country Club, 11.45am, 870k including cart


Yep, it’s that time of the week – get yourself organised and if you haven’t registered yet, do so here now!! Remember gents, nominate your preferred tee box – blue or white – in the comments box. This week is free choice! To cope with the administrative burden, we have two former Presidents working the desk this week, so that’s covered!! And, just to reinforce to those who care, Low Gross will be the lowest score regardless of tee box. And now for some housekeeping…….

Tee Set Matchplay – the Ric Wymer Trophy!

With two time winner, David (Bags) Baglivo now Supremo, registrations are now open here!!!! Bags’ email for any queries is The rules and history of the competition are all described here. One time competition entry fee, payable on Sunday before you play, is 100k. Closing date for registrations is 31 January, so get in quick.

Tee Set Eclectic, Tee Boxes and Tee Set Schedule

All of these issues connect, so here we go.

First, the 2020 electic ended up in a tie. As we had no tie break rules then, we decided to hold a play off between those four players who tied at the next round at Cengkareng on January 31. In the pressure cooker they all go: Juju, Craig, Jude and Arnold. At the end of the day, there will be one winner – either the lowest eclectic score, or if still tied, the lowest net score of the tied players, or then the one with the lowest back nine net score.

After a lot of requests, we decided to keep the eclectic going for 2021, but shift it back to Imperial, decoupling it from the Monthly Medal, and only holding one event per year, played over 4 rounds at Imperial. This also gives us an excuse to hold a presentation event at Climaxx after the last round, 2 weeks before the Tee Set Championships. We are adjusting the schedule to fit one more round in at Imperial. The eclectic will be played off white tees for men. The tiebreaker system will apply as above, decided on the scores, but with no playoff.

Now for the tee boxes. We have listened to a lot of mixed views about this and also realised that it is largely driven by our schedule. Monthly medals and championships are off blue – no debate. Interleague rounds at Riverside are off white – no debate. Jagorawi rounds are off white – course management decides this – no debate. Eclectic rounds at Imperial are off white – no debate. Scrambles and four club challenge are also off white – no debate. Other rounds are still to be confirmed, and the Committee will decide based on course length (for example, BSD have offered 4 rounds and we always play there off white). The tee box will be marked on the revised schedule, which will be updated soon. In the meantime, we will notify you of the tee box in the notice. This week is free choice, so we will see how that goes – if can be managed or if it is a buggers’ muddle :-). In any event, the sun will come up tomorrow and Tee Set will survive…..

Rainy Season – Lift, Clean and Place

To avoid confusion before and during play, the Committee has decided to apply a local rule for preferred lies for all rounds during the rainy season, defined as September through March. The R&A defines preferred lies as follows:

Preferred Lies

The Rules of Golf provide the recommended wording for preferred lies.  When this Local Rule is in place, the ball may be lifted without penalty and cleaned before placing within a specified distance no closer to the hole. 

It is worth noting that before you lift the ball you must mark its position.  Once having marked its position you must not roll it with the club, otherwise it’s a one-stroke penalty, so make sure you place the ball. 

When placing the ball, you can only do this once…….so pick your spot wisely! If the ball doesn’t come to rest immediately Rule 20-3d applies and you can replace it.  This Local Rule is for closely mown areas only, i.e. when the ball lies on any area that is cut to fairway height.

This should now be clear and consistent for everyone. Any areas higher than fairway height must be treated as play the ball as it lies. Of course, with the rules changes in 2019, you may take relief from a plugged lie anywhere on the course, except bunkers and penalty areas, where you must play the ball as it lies, or take a penalty drop. We define “a specified distance” for placing your ball as a score card, no further.

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Sunday 10 January 2021 : Imperial Klub Golf, followed by Climaxx

The Day

Fortune favours the brave. We ventured back to Imperial after a self-imposed exile, and were enthusiastically welcomed back. We braved the contours of the course and the unpleasantness of the rain, which was heavy enough to make life difficult but not enough to stop play.

Well…..for most….. some, including James, Geoff and his new found prodigal son, Craig (the least vertical of the Craigs), decided to cuddle up in a shelter and discuss fashion and whatever else they discuss; Mick left them to it. We survived to finish the round and all went to Climaxx together.

Thanks Gimmy for inviting us to Climaxx, your new restaurant bar, a spacious multi-level entertainment venue behind the Maxx Box mall, 400m from the course. Built for when things get better, in the meantime brave Tee Setters got to enjoy the open space and excellent modern food, along with some quality acoustic music. The Spanish Gin shared generously among friends contributed to a wonderful night, and some Monday morning no shows. We’ll be back Gimmy, probably more than you will like….

Welcome to newcomers, Hanafi, Rika and Matt and a huge welcome back to Don after 61 weeks, with honourable mentions to cigar twins, Jochen and Aaron.

The Play

As a few of us found, Imperial has a tendency to test the spirit, and there were no lights out net performances. Among the bad shots, the course always draws out some highlights that bring us back. The 40 foot putt for birdie, the approach through the cleavage of Madonna, the finishing hole that can make or break a round.

In his first outing with Tee Set, Matt captured Low Gross with a fine 77 and was quickly snapped up by Captain Sam “Cannonball” Westen for the interleague squad…I can hear those cloggies a’clickin. Matt was closely followed by Richard with a 79, that could have been better if he was able to talk those putts in, and Andy also with a 79, continuing steady form . Rav never fails to win something, and he picked up Low Net A with a solid 71, joined by comeback kid Mark, who followed 3 triples with 6 straight pars to scramble a 72 to win B Grade, and Dimitri taking C Grade with a 74.

Prize giving was relocated to Climaxx and understandably some did not follow, so some discretion was taken by Ric in the awarding of the cash….but not to himself, yep he is photobombing. Bas and Mark were good sports posing for the skirt photo, without the normal skirt and wigs, which were wisely left in the car.

Next Up: Sunday 17 January 2021, Modern Golf & Country Club, 11.45am, 870k including cart


Designed by 5 time British Open and 5 times Australian Open winner, the late great Peter Thomson, Modern presents generally wide fairways but a challenging test of golf. For the first time, the tee box will be personal choice. Please nominate your preferred tee box (blue or white) in the comments box when you register here. Your handicap will be adjusted accordingly.

This follows mixed feedback on the choice of tees in our survey, so for now. you have the freedom to choose. Low gross will be awarded based on the lowest score regardless of tee box: so play to your preference.

Modern has lots of open air space for after match, so bring the gin, and we’ll hope for clear skies. We can’t leave the Peter Thomson reference without sharing a quick story, when he was commentating late in his life. A fan had asked him how to make the ball spin backwards. He asked the fan for his handicap; the reply, 28. “I suggest my friend that you may be better off working on hitting the ball forward first.” See you on Sunday!!!!

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Next Up: Sunday 10 January 2021, 11.30am – Imperial Golf Klub (with a “K”), followed by Climaxx

Imperial Klub Golf1 - Home | Facebook

Now confirmed, we have an 11.30am tee time, which should allow us to get through our round early enough to kick on to our after event. For the golf, sign up here if you have not done so yet.

I'm an image title.

For the after match event, Gimmy has kindly invited Tee Setters to his new place, Climaxx Kitchen and Bar at Lippo Maxxbox, Karawaci (click on link), about 400m from the golf course. Directions on the website. Climaxx has plenty of open air space, a modern menu, a happy hour that runs until 7pm…and a mixologist behind the bar, very classy…..obviously in the current circumstances, this is intended to be a safe meal and drink rather than a big, crazy shindig.

We are still determining how the social restrictions for Java and Bali announced to start 11 January will affect golf and will let you know next week.

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Sunday 3 January 2021, Pangkalan Jati

Hole in One – Tom Grace

Let’s start with the highlight of the day – Tom Grace’s Hole in One. A solid 5 iron into the 16th, clean in. Tom picked a day with a small crowd but was very generous in sharing the joy with his fellow players after the event. Well done Tom!!

The Day

Rain threatened and a few drops fell, but nothing to intefere with what was a very fast round. Welcome back to Susan after many years, it was lots of fun having you back (see below) and we hope to see you regularly now! Ignore the newcomer entry and the changing surname – we just do that to check you are reading this, and to show we are far from perfect and enjoy it that way. Welcome to the jungle too for Rudy after a year or so back in the veldt, straight back to the winner’s circle too (below).

Depite the relatively low numbers, we made sure there was a sea of green after play. A really good atmosphere in the open air clubhouse, welcoming in the calendar New Year, that continued for several hours.

Norman and Al did the Northerners proud at one end of the table and by the end of the evening, there were even bar tricks, thanks to Tribhuvan, James, Rosie and Gaurav! Sorry, no details here, you have to stay if you want to see the bar tricks….

The Play

A mix of very solid and very wayward rounds on the tight layout and elevated greens of PJ. For the second week running, James Bristow claimed Low Net A and declared at last the secret to his winning form all year in Tee Set and DOGS – it’s all in the underwear!!! Enough said. Lis again won Low B grade, hitting greens with woods and sinking long range putts. And no, Ric, is not photo bombing winners as usual, he won Low Net C grade, no doubt fresher than usual, after a very short drive to the course from home.

Sam took Low Gross with 79 and insisted to pose here in front of a stunning orchid. Andy again flew the Coop before prizes to return to his room and practice his putting; stay tuned for his new book Putting in Quarantine. Long time Tee Setter and sponsor Bob, eventually found some form on the back nine to claim Most Improved. Rudy used his elevated handicap to advantage to pick up First Par among the 30 and overs. Rosie was first in for the First Birdie on her first hole. And the ever suave Gaurav, as he does most weeks, featured in the winnings, this time with First Sandy Par.

Susan and the band of merry gentlemen gamely accepted their fate, with Rudy and Dave somehow sharing the same skirt, and Bruce and Volker going for a new pandemic hair look.

And finally, Tee Set Former President and evergreen, Geoff, has been known to get into some tricky positions in his time, even breaking his back at one stage falling off a communications tower, but he never gives up, as we captured here. Wouldn’t expect anything less !!!!

Ask him about the result next time you see him….

A Reminder about Score Cards

With DOGS changing to an automated scoring and handicapping system, we no longer have common handicap administration. Many of us love playing in both societies and will continue to do so, but your DOGS rounds will no longer be automatically submitted for entry into the USGA handicap system administered by Tee Set.

To maintain your USGA handicap administered by Tee Set, please submit your scores for your rounds with DOGS – and anywhere else outside of Tee Set competitions on a simple email (no need for card) to with the course, date, tee box and adjusted gross score (explained previously), or, submit your cards physically on a Sunday if you prefer. We will continue to enter them to ensure you have an up to date handicap.

After a few minor glitches last year, we are now fully up to date. Thanks Ric, Beby and Lis.

Next Up: Sunday 10 January 2021, Imperial Golf Klub (with a “K”), 11.55 am

Imperial Klub Golf1 - Home | Facebook

For a few years, Imperial Golf Klub hosted Tee Set’s monthly medal. It offers a fantastic all round day of golf and hospitality, including probably the best sunset view in Jakarta, for those who stick around. New management at Imperial have lured us back with the promise of an uninterrupted round, so we are back to experience the fun challenge presented by Madonna and all her friends!!

Green fees are 995,000Rp including carts. Men to play off the blue tees. First tee time is 11.55am, but we may get off earlier, so please allow time. Sign up here as usual.

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Next Up: Sunday 3 January, 2021 Pangkalan Jati, 11.30am

First of all a big Happy New Year!!! Good riddance 2020. We know most Tee Setters are still away, but for those in town, join us for a trip down Tee Set memory lane to our former home course, Pangkalan Jati. Numbers will be low, which will hopefully make for a quick round, and more chance of winning.

Good news for the budget conscious and the course walkers – the price for walking is only 550k. Price with carts is 680k, a whopping 5k more than advertised. First tee time 11.30am. Men off the blues, ladies off the reds as usual. Register here.

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Sunday 27 December 2020, Gading Raya

The Day

As expected at this time of year, a more select group of 26 Tee Setters gathered at Gading Raya. We welcomed Geoff’s long time friend and colleague, Pak Harmidin, for the first time. DOGS stalwart, Rod, returned to Tee Set after 298 weeks away to celebrate his 65th birthday with golf and single malt – happy birthday mate!! Big welcomes back also to one of Tee Set’s longest playing members, Norman Bunter, recently returned from the UK after 90 weeks away, to our favourite Thai Guy, Jaturoporn (Bas), and to Gimmy after 50 weeks away. Welcome back too to Joe Alchi after 57 weeks and well done for carding the first par for the 30+ handicappers.

Mike Riley featured prominently in photos this week, firstly for his athletic swing, winning most improved (also known as last to wake up) and of course playing his part after having a “skirt”. Bas wisely went missing for that shot!

The weather started hot and sunny then clouded over but storms held off until the end of play, perhaps the Pawang Hujan is making a comeback (??).

The Play

Continuing some great recent form, James (66 net, 77 gross) and Geoff (65 net, 84 gross) won Low Net A and B Grade and KD came through for the C Graders with a very handy net 67. Andy Coop had flown the coop before he could collect his cash for Low Gross, with his 80 off the stick. I think it went to drinks, thanks Andy!!!

The ladies were not going to miss out on their share of the cash, with Rosie carding the first birdie and Reni winning Low Putts with 28…both look happy about it too!!!

Meanwhile in a beautiful island to the east, Tee Setters were shooting some decent scores at New Kuta, Bali National and Handara, Bill Lloyd cleaning up most of the winnings. A few shots from Handara here:

Next Up: Sunday 3 January, Pangkalan Jati, 11.30am

Padang Golf Pangkalan Jati in Pangkalan jati, Jawa Barat, Indonesia | Golf  Advisor

Back to what used to be Tee Set’s home base for the first round of the 2021 calendar year. Yes, before Geoff, Pete and Ric took Tee Set on the road (read your history), PJ was where most of our rounds were played. For a special taste of club history, make the short trip to the suburbs of the south. Play will be off the blue tees for men. Green fees are 675k including carts (to be confirmed). First tee time will be 11.30am. Register here as usual.

White Tees or Blues Tees for Men

Only 39 players have responded to our survey on white tees versus blue tees. This is less than an average Tee Set round, so we are keeping the survey open for a bit longer, realising people are on holidays. The Committee will make a decision in January. If you have not had your say, please do so here, or forever hold your peace.

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Next Up: Sunday 27 December 2020, Gading Raya

Gading Raya Padang Golf Club in Jakarta, Indonesia

While many Tee Setters have gone home for the break or are battling it out with each other in Bali, the official Tee Set final round of the calendar year will be played at Gading Raya, off the blue tees for men, first tee time 11.32.

Green fees 850,000Rp including carts.

As usual register here.

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Sunday 20 December 2020, “Christmas Blind Pairs” Riverside

From our Tee Set family to yours, a safe and happy Christmas 2020!!!!

With most of our fold already on holidays, 21 Tee Setters joined the “Christmas Blind Pairs” event at Riverside. A big welcome back to Sam after we thought we’d lost him. Sam is one of Tee Set’s finest golfers and best guys, and was clearly shaking off jetlag or a big night or both on his front nine of 47, before coming home strong with a 35.

The event was a good way to mix it up and get some Christmas cheer going. At stake, bottles of wine, which went to the top three pairs: Jari and Richard tied with Dave and Robson on 46 points and Geoff and Axel on 44 points. Our own version of Santa, Michael, somehow managed to find the wine left at the bottom of the chimney. No wine was seen leaving the club.

As always, the extremes of golf were on show at the Greg Norman designed course, and Tee Setters came in from the course to enjoy the open air clubhouse, great company…. and wine. Lots more photos here.

Blue Tees or White Tees: Have Your Say!

So far, we have about 25 Tee Setters who have indicated their preference, thank you!

For the rest of us, it’s now time to put up or shut up…….voting closes 31 December, so we can move ahead with a decision for 2021.

Have your say here!

Note that, whatever the result, the Monthly Medal and Tee Set Championships will always be played off the blue (championship) tees. Similarly, some events, including rounds at Jagorawi which are subject to a club rule, will be played off white (social) tees. So, this vote is for which tee to use for “normal” Tee Set rounds in between special events and monthly medals.

Next Up: Sunday 27 December 2020, Gading Raya

Gading Raya Padang Golf Club in Jakarta, Indonesia

The last round of the calendar year wil be played at Gading Raya, off the blue tees for men, first tee time 11.32. Green fees 850,000Rp including carts.

As usual register here.

And a big thank you to James Bristow, who has agreed to join your committee as Events Co-ordinator….welcome aboard James.

Still lots of jobs to do for anyone who wants to participate, even if to organise one event through the year, just let Bill or James know and they will gladly accept your help.

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