Reminder: Sunday 13th June 2021, Interleague and Tee Set, Riverside, 12 noon start, 880k – white tees for men

Registrations are a bit sluggish, no doubt a hangover effect from last week’s World Cup, and the doubling up at Riverside.

However, consider this….it is a different course off the whites, fellas, and ladies wishing to play off the whites, consider what you could do with a few extra strokes on your handicap, your choice!!!! Don’t be shy to try.

Enough of the pitch, sign up here and sign up on MyGolf2U or you will get an ear full of whispers from The Whispering One. For those warriors representing Tee Set in Interleague, best of luck, there is only one direction you can go from last month’s result, and that is up up up!!!!!

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Sunday 6th June 2021, Tee Set World Cup of Golf, Riverside

The Sixth Tee Set World Cup of Golf had a record of 91 participants, spread over 23 teams. It is our premier team event of the year and brings newcomers and long time welcome backs to Tee Set, special mention to the Lawtons after 394 weeks away, back with the well dressed Saffas!!! A special Happy Birthday to Simon Reynolds too, one of the initiators of this event!! And a big thanks to event Supremo, defending champ, a whole lot of character and conviction packed into a tight bundle, Craig Edwards – who leaves us soon for neighbouring lands, with the normal great back up by Roger, Geoff, Ric, Bill, as well as Adhe and Beby who helped with the scoring, a brilliant effort with so many people.

We tried to include photos of a few of the teams, thanks for sending them in. Above from bottom to top, we have teams from Germany, England, Indonesia – the mighty Srikandi, Scotland (2nd Lowest Gross), South Africa (Low Gross), Canada (2= Lowest Net), Finland (2= Lowest Net) and the mighty Indian Chiefs winning the title, with a great combination of strong individual scores and combinations when it mattered. Well done Rav, TBS, Jeremy and Indar!!!!

Team by team scores are below; individual scores can be found here. With a few honorary citizens blended into teams, we had players from at least 20 countries playing, demonstrating that a pandemic and restrictions on global travel don’t stop people from different countries getting together to play golf. For the record, here is a guess at all the countries represented, if I’ve missed any, please accept my apologies and a beer in due course, and add your country in comments.

Indonesia (of course), India, Finland, Canada, South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (may be able to count two here), Philippines, USA, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Singapore, France, Malaysia.

Next Up: Sunday 13th June, 2021 – Interleague, Riverside, 12.00pm 880k with carts

In a one off scheduling co-incidence, caused by the World Cup, we are back at Riverside to battle out Interleague, and play our parallel Tee Set event. As usual for interleague fixtures, men play off white tees. If we get an earlier tee off time, we will let you know in the reminder post later in the week. Again please try out the mygolf2U app, as well as registering here.

Tee Set is Approaching our 2000th event……

Yes, Sunday 8th August will be a big milestone and, now that the World Cup is won and dusted, your Committee is working out the best available venue to host the event. People were going to travel in from the corners of the globe…hmmm…but that’s not happening, so we will come from Bintaro, Depok, Kuningan and Kemang instead.

As with most things in the Committee, never fear, it is in hand. And, yes it will be a scramble (literally, it will be a scramble – format) and it will be a success, because of you….and those who step up and help, thanks as always. So keep the date free, and we will advise you where, what to wear and how long you will be required. Out for now…..

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Tee Set World Cup Riverside 6th June 2021

Thank you to all the team captains and players who have signed up for this year’s event. Its shaping up to be the biggest of the World Cup events to date with 92 players signed up already.

We are restricted to 96 players so we have room for 1 more team or 4 individual sign-ups. Please sign up quickly if you are sitting on the fence about joining, we will open a waiting list on a first come-first served basis with the expectation that these players will be able to fill in the inevitable spaces which open up as some drop out closer to the day. If anyone does need to drop please send Craig Edwards a note asap or note it in the comments space on the Yes I’m Playing page.

Attached is a list of the sign-ups we have recorded so far. Tee off at 12.30pm on a full shot-gun so please be there by 11.30am to register so we can get carts/bags/starting holes all aligned before heading out to the course at 12.15pm.

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Sunday 30th May, 2021 – Monthly Medal, Cengkareng

As always for Monthly Medals, the day is about the play, so let’s get into it. Well done, Juju (again) for being our Monthly Medallist with 42 points. Juju is always competitive, and narrowly edged ahead of Tee Set stalwart Ric (41 points) and the ever steady Al (40 points).

Ric, clearly jilted, tried to block the victory photo, even using the reflective foil trick, but cropping allows the winner to get the glory….and we covered Ric in full swing instead!!! Next to him, we have featured, the new improved swing of MJ, not in the money today (well not directly) but holding the follow through like a champ.

A good and easy to manage field of 38 players, with no newcomers but notable welcome backs, especially Jochen who had an eagle after missing us for 20 weeks. He no doubt brought out his customary post-match cigar to celebrate that one!!

Welcome back also to Willy and Emil, and to Axel and Srivinas, your absences were short but we missed you.

Above all, welcome back the skirts – 6 in total, after a recent drought.

Below is the summary of the day, with full scores player by player here.

Adrian was in the prizes, winning Low Gross, but is surprisingly missing from the photos. He normally puts on a great show for the camera. Adam took low putts, Dave had first birdie (and a skirt). Jochen had an eagle – just thought we would say that again!! Emil took the cash for first sandy because Ric was already a winner. Skill prize winners – Willy Nearest the Pin, Richie and Lis – Longest Drive

But what you really want to see are the skirt photos – as usual, getting them together in the one photo is like herding cats, so here is our selection for your viewing pleasure…..Isti ni the third photo had a skirt but didn’t have a skirt…

Thanks to sponsor Kojo, to Geoff and Ric for running the normal comp and the parallel MyGolf2U trial, with support today from Adhe, much appreciated. To the guys who helped a fellow Tee Setter through a bout of heat stroke, your efforts are also much appreciated, your mate is now rehydrated, recovered and rested thanks to you.

Tee Set matchplay is now moving forward into the battle rounds with more results…so far unreported to now – former champ and matchplay phenomenon Jari won in a putt off to James “Let your Love Flow” Bristow (I can’t let it go), Roger while not in the money for a change took Rav in a tight game, El Guapo, as he does, found form at the right time v Dave, and Ric no doubt drew some curses from last year’s runner up MJ with a 5&4 victory. Defending champ Arnold struggled past the enigmatic Mike to keep his defence alive. Lots of matches decided by concessions, including a win for Captain Sam, who was in the country just long enough to claim a concession….strategic. The battle of the Two Mikes and Bags v Timo are awaiting clearance from quarantine.

Next Up: Sunday 6th June 2021, Tee Set World Cup of Golf, Riverside, 12.30 Shot Gun Start

After the first one 5 years ago now, our 6th Tee Set World Cup of Golf is now upon us. It is our premier team event, super high on bragging rights and some bottles of wines for the Top 3 teams on net scores and the Top 2 teams on gross scores; no individual prizes this week.

Please be there 11.30am for registration and in carts ready to take off to your tee by 12.15pm. Event Supremo Craig Edwards (also Captain of the Defending Champs, Men at Work – Australia) will be raring and ready to go. There will be 90 players, so bring your patience and good will.

The teams are as follows, with at least 14 countries represented – the UK gets confusing these days, so you count as you please. Kudos for the South Africans for finding a name, and some very handy players!!! Use your imagination for Team OOOO – O for orphans, O – for Oh no, I haven’t signed up yet….who cares – if you don’t have a team yet, then this could be for you….sign up here. We won’t be using MyGolf2U this weekend.

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Reminder: Sunday 30th May 2021, Monthly Medal, Cengkareng, 12 noon – 875k walking (carts available on request)

Hope you are all ready to compete your tails off – and most of all, have a good time this Sunday at our Monthly Medal.

Sign up here and on the MyGolf2U app….please.

The MyGolf2U app is easy to use and many have loaded it now and registered, but not enough are submitting scores. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t work without scores………. so we will have additional assistance to help everyone enter scores into the app immediately after the game this Sunday, all thanks to Monthly Medal sponsor and living legend, the Whispering One, Geoff. See you Sunday!!!!!!

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Sunday 23rd May 2021, Riverside – Jakarta Interleague

Very little time, very little photos and very little to say about Tee Set’s Interleague performance on Sunday, so we will keep it short, congratulate the winners here and move right along. A strong turn out of 48 players in the Tee Set competition, with many playing matchplay for Interleague teams. Rosie, adding some quality to the rogue’s gallery above, won first sandy and also secured Tee Set’s only point with Adrian, the team clearly devastated by the absence of Captain Sam. Welcome back Jeff, Hari, David, Talok and Vanco and a very warm welcome to first timers – Riccardo, Reysia, Eddy and Aiden – who may have played before under a different spelling, but then again, maybe not.

The trio of pirates above – Randy, Jim and Timo won the low net prizes for the grades; Roger with 23 putts was never going to be beaten, Sami had a great start with a birdie and Matt – as he often does – shot the lowest gross score. Well done all, and well done for Zach and Dan, for bringing back our beloved skirt photo, after the skirt stayed in the closet last week.

Full result here.

Now, as many of you have no doubt overheard, there is a trial (by fire at times) going on of the MyGolf2U app to see if it simplifies Tee Set’s handicap and tournament admin. Geoff is doing his best to make this system clear and easy for Tee Setters to use. He needs us all to have a go….register every week on the app, put our scores in, and see if it’s better than the standard old system we have been using for years, which Ric is maintaining. So, please please please try the app. If it sucks tell us and we’ll listen. If it works, tell us and we’ll listen.

Next Up: Sunday 30th May 2021, Monthly Medal, Cengkareng, 12 noon – 875k walking (carts available on request)

Great course, great staff, great club – that’s why we have our Monthly Medal there, and it’s on again this Sunday. Men off the blue tees.

Lots of great scores lately but lets see who can produce when it counts.

Sign up here and on the MyGolf2U app….please.

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Reminder: Sunday 23rd May 2021, Riverside

Tropical Golf Site in Indonesia | Riverside Golf Club

Remember the Tee Set competition continues in parallel with Interleague, so regardless of these shenanigans and whether or not you are selected for any of the interleague teams, you should register to play by clicking the link here and also on the MyGolf2U app, which we are trialling this year, in order to see if it helps us synchronise handicaps across societies and simplify competition adminstration. Please make the effort to download the app and give it a go….we had 22 out of 52 use it on Sunday, so numbers are building; the more using it, the better the trial.

A quick explanation on handicaps. These are calculated on adjusted gross score, not actual gross score. We have explained how to calculate adjusted gross score – which evens out your bad holes – but if you don’t get it, then just leave it blank and we will work it out.

Eventually we hope to have transferrable handicaps across societies – this is now possible for DOGS who have entered 20 games on the MyGolf2U app – but will take time for others. Please be patient and we will work it all out. After all we are a social golf society.

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Sunday 16th May 2021, Gading Raya

The Day

As predicted, there were more impressive scores at Gading Raya, a consequence of players improving play and coming off the challenging Bogor courses to a flatter track. Great turn out of 52 players, reasonable pace of play (thanks) and the course management limited the extent to which outside groups were sandwiched between our flights. Overall a great day out, as usual, Michael donning three shades of green above!!

Welcome to many of the DOGS players, who were having a week break from their Saturday eclectic cycles, especially to Malcolm after a monster 318 week break, to resident of the west, Peter, a.k.a “the cursing hyphen”, after almost a year, and to Carol after 24 weeks away. Well known battlers Joe, Rod and KD also came back to us after 20 weeks, always good to see you chaps.

Welcome to Jane for her first Tee Set round, normally up for a photo, but not today. Jane is new to golf over the last year and fast improving, and to Vijay, Giles and Dan (sorry about the order), we hope you enjoyed your first round and we did not scare you away. See you next week.

The Play

Hot scores and an eagle to MJ – a few missing in action at presentation and some confusion over scores which we will sort out with all involved, apologies. Moving right along, a trio of 69s in A grade were hard to separate. Rav certainly led on the suaveness, going the merah putih this week, and won Low Putts, so picked up cash, but Andy won on count back. He left before photos to get home for his lemonade and AFL game. A great round of 64 from Al led the B graders in and a return to form in C grade for reigning Club Champ Cucu with a 62 (photo next week), closely followed by Patrick with his round of the year 63 and KD with a superb 65 – our stuff up on calculations, so the photo here was for being a top bloke. Will all be settled over the bar. Three very fine rounds of 75 off the stick by Andrew, Richard and Gary, with Andrew and Gary splitting the cash, and Richard smiling, as he does, but not there for photos.

In the skills prizes, of course MJ with the eagle – yes I covered this upfront, but it deserves another mention, well done mate. Adrian never fails to impress in the photos, taking first sandy and stealing a cuddle from Ric. Rav took Low Putts, yes covered above!!!! Roger had a quick start with a birdie on the first, along with Matt (not recorded here but he did) and Dave, who often starts quick.

Alas, no skirts, which means, no photo of silly guys dressing up…ah well, next week….

Other Goings On

The first round of the Ric Wymer Matchplay has almost finished with a few games straggling – please schedule these so we can move on. They do not have to be played on Tee Set rounds.

We have had a great initial response to our calls for teams for the World Cup of Tee Set with 11 teams already registered, including the reigning champs, Men at Work from Australia, led by Event Supremo Craig, the sole survivor from last year’s winning rabble. The challengers include: The Kilted Warriors, the Kingsmen, the Saxons, Old Glory, the Mighty Srikandi, the ANZACS, Nothing INXS, DIE SCHAEFERHUNDE (yep all CAPS!!!!), the Maple Leaves and the imaginatively named South Africa.

With 6-8 more teams expected, this is shaping up as Game of Thrones meets Monty Python meets Lonely Planet. Get those teams in and don’t worry if you are not in team, there will be a call for orphans soon!

Next Up: Sunday 23rd May 2021, Riverside – Jakarta Interleague – 11.45am, 880k with carts, white tees for men

Captain Sam is back to lead the mighty Tee Setters into battle once again, to hopefully take a bite out of the lead that both DOGS and JAWS have established in the initial rounds. With secret weapon Mike returning to the UK to get the double jab and some very good form from the Tee Set playing body in total recently, Sam has a wide range of options, and will no doubt be consulting with his wily Vice Captain, Ric, before making his usual strategic and closely guarded selections.

Remember the Tee Set competition continues in parallel with Interleague, so regardless of these shenanigans and whether or not you are selected for any of the interleague teams, you should register to play by clicking the link here and also on the MyGolf2U app, which we are trialling this year, in order to see if it helps us synchronise handicaps across societies and simplify competition adminstration. Please make the effort to download the app and give it a go….we had 22 out of 52 use it on Sunday, so numbers are building; the more using it, the better the trial.

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Next Up: Sunday 16th May 2021, Gading Raya 1130am 850k with carts

Gading Raya Padang Golf & Club - Tangerang, Banten

Selamat Idul Fitri to all – the month of Ramadan is officially over – no more buka bersama, no more fasting for caddies and no more discounts on top courses. It was all appreciated. Wishing all your families a safe and enjoyable few days break together if you can be. In the spirit of the season, your committee apologises to you (and to each other) for when we have stuffed up or caused offence, and we look forward to moving along to better things with you all. A special big thanks to Roger for standing in as scribe.

We return to Gading Raya out west. Last time we played Gading Raya, there were oodles of good rounds, so we’re back there birdie hunting again this week. Sign up here as usual and note your preferred tee box in the comments space.

Coming Up: Tee Set World Cup of Golf, Sunday 6 June 2021, Riverside

In one of our pinnacle, premium, prestige events of the year, national pride is on the line, with the Aussies defending the coveted Arnold Palmer trophy after we surprised ourselves last year. Event Supremo Craig Edwards will be leading out the defending champions, this year without his less gravity affected namesake shadowing him. Craig will again be seeking captains to form and lead teams, so please support us by registering early.

The Kings of the North are already dusting off their battle kilts, the Finns will be sharpening their handicaps and the mighty three time victors, Srikandi, our Indonesian ladies, will take no prisoners. Team India will no doubt be assembling their combinations and the red, white and blue, yet to win a World Cup, are never too far away from the prize. With plenty of fire and precision engineering, Team Germany will be in it to win it. Snappy dressers Team Canada are looking to produce some snappy form this year, and do not underestimate our other teams, especially with Sam back for the Brits, and the leftover vagabonds that will form the UN teams.

Yes, as always, single players (orphans/vagabonds – choose your title) will be adopted by loving families and either granted honorary citizenship for the day to make up a national team or formed up into United Nation teams. Registrations for individual players will be open in the week before the event.

Registrations for teams are open NOW and can be made here.

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Sunday 9th May 2021 Rancamaya

A week-end in two parts which left all those who participated to some or all of the scheduled activities with great memories of a fantastic visit to Rancamaya for our now traditional get together and match with D.O.G.S. for the Juergen Degert Trophy. Both days saw us head out in good time under bright sunshine thanks to the arrangements with the starter, enabling everyone to finish before the late afternoon showers which arrived as dusk descended on both Saturday and Sunday evenings as we enjoyed a few post match refreshments and conducted the prize-giving ceremonies for the respective events.

Act One Saturday’s arrangement for those looking for a game and some competition was a charity fund-raiser on behalf of the Fiona Unity Foundation in support of Lombok’s Forgotten Children. 47 golfers signed up for the day and enjoyed a relatively quick round with the first groups we back by 3pm, leaving plenty of time for a social chat post-round and to refreshen up for the evening’s BBQ party which was held at the club house. With 54 players and partners joining in the evening, it was a lively night, brought to a close as refreshments ran low just before mid-night.

Many thanks to Mark Johnson, Craig Edwards and Rod Williams for their support to the arrangements for the day and to Dave Prosser/Celebrity Fitness, Dan Javier/PT Delta, John Brown, D.O.G.S., Ruth Lajousky, Craig Edwards, Geoff Thwaites/Kojo, Bill Lloyd/Asian Tigers and Gary Danskin for their contributions to the BBQ and prizes for the day. Winners were Jeremy Oberoi, Craig Edwards and Kevin Dobson in the Low Net category with Matt Trimbell and Roger Finnie taking home the prizes in the Low Gross category. The real winner was of course the charity with Rp6.8j raised on the day and arrangements are being coordinated to hand this over to Fiona, possibly on 28th May when she holds a charity golf day at Riverside. Detailed results from the day’s competition can be found here: LeaderBoard (

Act Two ….. dawn on Sunday saw a few players with sore heads mingling with those arriving to join for the day only as the players and committee members from both Tee Set and D.O.G.S. prepared for their respective Society days…. and as importantly, the match! In total 76 players went off Sunday and the timely finish before the afternoon rains was a great testament to the coordination with the starter on an earlier tee time and the, as usual, excellent administration by both committees. Apart from the greens, the course played well despite the previous night’s heavy downpour, a fact represented by the excellent scores returned on the day.

Whilst some players chose to hedge their bets, the big winners in D.O.G.S. chose not to meaning the prizes were well shared out among the players; that said congratulations to Jeremy Oberoi for his net 60 and Gary Danskin for his gross 71…

Welcome to newcomers Wichian, Somkiat Sri and Ponesak... seen here enjoying the post match party and a few Ankers which were sponsored by PT Delta.

Congratulations to Simon Reynolds, Randy Albert and Samret Raungrit who all shared First Birdie, Divya Ahuja who mastered the greens to win Low Putts and Roger Finnie who won Low Gross on a count-back. Our Low Net winners on the day were Howard Short, Cucu Chandra and Chairman Bill Lloyd. Detailed results are here

With 24 players a side, the match for the Juergen Degert Trophy was a close run affair with 4 of the matches reaching the 18th green; the 2 halves secured on the 18th left D.O.G.S. as the victors 7-5 and with the braging rights for the next 12 months. Many thanks to Captains Ric Wymer and Doug McQuater for leading their respective teams on the day.

Tee Set World Cup

This popular fixture on the Tee Set calendar is coming up soon, to be held this year on Sunday 6th June at Riverside. Registrations for teams are open and can be made here:

Event Supremo Craig Edwards will again be seeking captains to form teams so please support us by registering early. As always, single players will be accommodated and paired up to form United Nation teams and registrations for those looking to join individually will be open in the week before the event.

Next Up: Gading Raya 11.30 Sunday 16th May 2021

With few other events on this week-end, we are expecting a good turn out at the ever popular Gading Raya so please sign up to join the fun. Cost is Rp850k with carts and the sign-up link is her:

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