Sunday 18th July 2021, Tee Set Global First Event

A big thanks to those of you around the world who participated in our first ever Tee Set Global event. Really great to see you on your home courses and great to see the next generation having the opportunity to play Tee Set with you.

Respective leaders of Tee Set and DOGS even got together in the backyard, brilliant!!

There were 12 players who submitted scores, including 6 from Bali National, which remains open. The leaderboard after the weekend was:

Santi – Allerton Manor, Liverpool, UK – 35 points (Winner)

Indar – Bali National – 34 points (Runner Up)

Dillon – Jacksonville Beach Club, Florida, USA – 33 points (Third Place)

Timo – Revontuli Golf, Finland – 32 points

Jeff – Jacksonville Beach Club, Florida, USA – 31 points

Mike – TPC Canyon, San Antonio, Texas, USA – 30 points

Richard – Molle Golf Club, Sweden – 29 points

Gaurav – Bali National – 28 points

Jeremy – Bali National – 27 points

Terence – Bali National – 24 points

Eric – Bali National – 21 points

No skirts were recorded. Fantastic effort covering 5 countries. Hoping for more next week!!!!!

In case you are wondering how we managed to maintain the unbroken record over the previous two weeks, Richard and Rav took the honours.

Next Up: Sunday 25th July 2021, Tee Set Global Round 2

So, here’s the deal….play anywhere you can legally get on a course over the weekend…..submit a stableford score and a photo to and you are registered to play.

Get the word around, this is our only way of getting together currently and it’s a real opportunity to reconnect Tee Setters around the globe. For those of us still in Jakarta, please send in your home practice photos and you will go in the draw for the best attempt at improv. Andy Coop started the trend with his hotel quarantine putting clinic last year and JB and Bill lifting it a few notches here!!!

Stay safe, stay sane. Tee Set….never a weekend missed in all those years…

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Next Up: Sunday 18th July 2021, Our First Worldwide Event Anywhere in the world where you are permitted to play golf…..

With golf courses closed in Jakarta and surrounds, we now reach out to Tee Setters in your home countries or favourite hideout destinations to keep the tradition alive. Tee Set went on the road to survive in the 2000’s and we are now going global!

This weekend and every weekend until further notice – whether Saturday or Sunday – please put your favourite Tee Set shirt on, get down to your local course wherever you are legally permitted to play golf, enjoy your round and email us in your stableford score and a photo to to be registered in our weekend global competition. One round only please.

You choose your tee, work out your handicap for that course and your preferred tee box, and record your stableford score accordingly. Total honesty system.

This applies to skirts too: if you do not drive your ball past the red tees, then confess and improvise with the photo – a cheers or thumbs up to camera will do if you don’t have the garments, or if dressing up would put you in harm’s way!

Results will be announced online each week and prizes will be waiting for you when you return to Jakarta! No registration is required in advance, just initiative. Let’s see how many countries we can reach. A Tee Set Global Champion will be crowned at the end of the Tee Set Global Series, based on criteria determined by your Committee.

It looks at this stage like the series will include our 2000th event in August so you could be writing yourself in to Tee Set history.

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Golf Course Closures

Jakarta and surrounding golf courses continue to remain closed as part of Government restrictions. Bali National is now open, with strict health protocols, including reduced numbers of flight times available, closed locker rooms, restaurants open only for takeaway, and compulsory dividers on carts. Caddies and club staff have now been vaccinated. Tee Setters living in Bali have bookings from 11.30am and the club has confirmed a 950k green fee. There is ample open space seating but there continue to be restrictions on gatherings, so players should book their own tee times directly with the course, arrange scoring among themselves, respect safety protocols and use common sense. Stay safe and stay sane.

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Remembering Craig Binks….

We haven’t had to do this for a while and this one hurts a lot. We remember Binksy over his time with Tee Set starting in 2003, although he had been working in Jakarta since the late 80s. Since our archives started in 2012, he had registered 100 games with Tee Set, many of them winning Low Putts, thanks to a very solid short game.

Craig was of course a Pocksia and G.A.M.E regular and someone many of us enjoyed a beer and a decent conversation with, so we share this grief together, and celebrate a true gentleman and fine golfer. We’ll all miss Binksy and we feel for his family and closest friends among us, some but not all pictured above.

Al Livingstone remembers his mate as “an avid golfer, a lover of life, all round good bloke and terrific friend. Life will be less without him”.

No more needs to be said, rest in peace our friend.

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Course Closures

As a result of emergency restrictions for Java and Bali, courses we normally play on, including Gading Raya, are in the process of announcing temporary closures. Accordingly, we have suspended our Tee Set schedule of events. Your Committee will let you know when courses open up.

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Next Up: Sunday 4 July 2021, Gading Raya Padang Golf, 11,30am

Sorry, I wish this could be more fun but… is still unclear whether golf will be permitted under the restrictions being proposed by the National Government. At this stage, Gading is advising that it will remain open to play. The booking is there for 11.30am not 12 noon as advised last week.

It has always been our position as a society of golfers that playing decisions are based on personal risk assessment, as long as the law allows golf to be played. Within your Committee we have different personal positions on playing events in the current circumstances, and it’s one of those topics where it’s appropriate to respect our differences rather than pretend we have a unified position. While the law allows and Gading remains open, Tee Setters will be playing on Sunday, and others will decide not to.

For those who registered last week, you have been sent an email providing further information on the player who tested positive after last week’s round. We recognise the concerns of players and we will communicate sensitive information to you by direct email rather than publicly online. We can now advise that the player has mild symptoms only and all of the playing partners in the same flight have tested negative.

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Monthly Medal, 27th June 2021, Cengkareng Golf Club

Congrats Willie!!!! Our Monthly Medallist for June with 41 points. Willie was tied with JP and both had outstanding finishes, Willie winning the countback with 24 points on the back nine compared to JP’s 23.

Cucu and Michael were equal third on 40 points and were too difficult to split so were both awarded the prize….because we can.

Skills prizes went to Simon for Longest Drive (267m), your hidden scribe (250cm) and Juju (950cm) for Nearest to the Pin, to Dave for Low Putts (28), to Shawn for First Sandy on the 1st, and for Ian, JP and Emiliano for 1st birdie on the 1st.

No Low Gross was awarded because this is a stableford event not a stroke event.

A generous harvest of skirts with class oozing out of the photo, as always.

A total field of 42 players. Bill was in da house to do his MC bit and Adhe was an enormous help adminstering the day for us. Big thanks to Cengkareng for providing as safe an environment for golf as is possible at the moment. Thanks to all players who respected each other and the staff by following the health protocols. Please if you are not well or showing any symptoms, get tested, and stay away from golf until you are clear. Mask wearing around the admin table is absolutely essential.

The results are being entered into both the Tee Set database and the MyGolf2U app so thanks to all players who used the app. We are working with the developers to iron out glitches and make it suitable for our needs before adopting it, so we will continue both systems until we are happy.

Next Up: Sunday 4th July 2021, Gading Raya Padang Golf, 12 noon, 850k including carts.

Please note that the original schedule of BSD had to be changed to Gading Raya.

Sign up here as usual and MyGolf2U app.

Preferred tees. 11.30am sharp tee off.

See you there.

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Reminder: Monthly Medal, Cengkareng 12 noon, 875k walking

We can confirm from first hand inspection that Cengkareng remains open and all staff have been vaccinated. Register here as usual and on MyGolf2U app. Please respect all health protocols and keep each other safe by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks when in close contact. Cengkareng is a walking course and has open air facilities, which makes it easier to stay safe.

For those not wishing to gather after the game, we totally understand. Prizes will be retained and presented to you when we see you again.

A little bit of admin news – we welcome Adhe to your committee by unanimous vote. Adhe has been helping with the trial of MyGolf2U and is a great asset to our society. There will be a profile of Adhe posted on our committee page next week.

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Sunday 20th June 2021, Jagorawi Golf & Country Club

Small field this week for all sorts of reasons, so winners can be all featured up front.

The highlight was of course Ian coming back to the country and to Tee Set after 79 weeks away and bringing back his best golf, a round of 76 (nett 64) to scoop the limited prize pool. It wouldn’t be a post without a smile from Richard, so he’s in and Mike stuck around to pick up B Grade. Diarmuid is featured here “done two ways” – as C Grade winner and as our only skirt, which he wore with style.

Thanks to Aron and crew at Jagorawi for taking care of us and opening the Old Course for us. It is a rare treat to play on it as it is normally reserved for members. Thanks to Ric for braving a post-Pocksia hangover to run the show. Others were not so resilient.

Next Up: Monthly Medal, Cengkareng 12 noon, 875k walking

We are fortunate to have golf remaining open and a venue like Cengkareng putting safety first, so the Monthly Medal will continue this Sunday. Thanks to Geoff and Kojo for their ongoing sponsorship of the event. Register here as usual and on MyGolf2U app.

The golfing community has really kept each other going during this time so please continue looking after each other. If you are not well, get tested and stay at home, and if you are well, keep taking all the precautions necessary to keep you and others safe and playing. We don’t give a toss about numbers, we will keep the events running and you decide what’s best for you.

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Reminder: Sunday 20th June 2021, Jagorawi Golf & Country Club, 12 noon

Former home of Interleague, ongoing home of the Asian Tigers 45 hole challenge, site of heroes and heartbreaks, Jagorawi, hosts us this Sunday. There is a slight chance we may be allocated the Old Course, which is a treat to play, but the new course always provides a great test of golf, snaking through the jungle as it does. Green fees are 950k including carts and tees are as preferred. Please nominate in the comments box when you register.

Sign up here as usual and on the MyGolf2U app.

And now for a shameless plug and light entertainment to get you through Friday, your occasional Tee Set entertainment, and my band and (other) burden, has made it for the second time in successive programs onto the International Americana Music Show, this time with a country song, featuring some awesome Indonesian musicians. The program is produced in Canada, listen here – we start at 32 minutes in: “Americana music made in Indonesia – how cool is that”.

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