Next Up: Emeralda Sunday 7th June 2020

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As already announced we have rescheduled our event this week to the excellent Emeralda, a course which has proven popular with Tee Setters over the last couple of years. With its 27 holes designed by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer you can walk the footsteps of legends whilst enjoying one of the more picturesque courses we will play all year. We are confirmed to play the River/Lake lay-out.

Thanks to Divya Ahuja for his excellent support on the booking and rate negotiation on our behalf. The price is Rp700k including cart and with an 11.00am tee time, we will be able to enjoy fully the day and not be too late returning home. To come and join in all the fun of a Tee Set Sunday please sign up here.

Tee Set Match Play Championships

A reminder that the rest of the first knock-out round matches are due to be completed by 28th June (previously 12th April) so we can complete the tournament by November as usual.

Forthcoming Tee Set Events

We are still busy sorting out the schedule both in terms of course availability – starting with next Sunday as above – and in terms of balancing all the more formal events into the calendar. Some dates which we are earmarking over the next couple of months are as follows:

  • Match vs DOGS June 14th @ Riverside: The next JIL round has been rescheduled to July 12th and we have therefore arranged the DOGS vs Tee Set match, itself previously planned for 10th May, to this date since by good fortune they are playing Riverside for the current tournament schedule. Captain Simon Reynolds is looking to recruit a team of 16-20 players to represent Tee Set in the match and the day is a normal day so all Tee Setters are welcome to join. We will follow the golf with a BBQ & Beers (own account);
  • JIL July 12th @ Riverside: Usual Tee Set Sunday event and next round of JIL (postponed from above date);
  • World Cup of Tee Set August 2nd @ Riverside: Tentative date for this event, moved from 12th July. Event Supremos Craig Edwards and Jens Roestel will be tapping up the captains to help arrange the teams for this popular event so please put your hand up to submit a team and participate in this fun event. Last year 20 teams battled it out for the trophy with the United Nations edging everyone out;
  • Birthday Anniversary Scramble 9th August @ Matoa: As the current schedule and details to follow shortly.


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