Next Up: Riverside and Match vs D.O.G.S. 14th June 2020

With the current round of the Jakarta Inter-League due to be held at Riverside this week being postponed until July 12th, we have taken the opportunity to re-arrange our annual fixture with the D.O.G.S. for the Juergen Degert Trophy. With D.O.G.S playing their current Eclectic cycle at Riverside too, the stars were obviously aligned for us to be able to slot in the fixture which has been running since 2015 and is named in honour of Juergen Degert, a long-time member of both Societies and the inspiration for the event. Captains Simon Reynolds (Tee Set) and Doug McQuater (DOGS) are putting the final touches on their teams as both Societies seek to win the trophy and bragging rights for the year… presently D.O.G.S. hold the trophy and a 3-1 lead in the series after the initial match in 2015 was drawn.

The day is open to everyone, whether playing in the match or just looking for a quiet Sunday round of golf with friends. To keep administration simple, both Societies will be running the skill and playing prizes as a joint event following the D.O.G.S. format of play so your weekly scorecard will follow a slightly different format but with the usual scoring for gross, stableford points, putts etc…. Following the round, there is a BBQ arranged around the Riverside pool and those wishing to partake in a dip should bring a towel and appropriate bathing wear.  When signing up, please confirm if you will be joining for the BBQ as we need to advise the chef of the numbers to prepare for… we will also be collecting the BBQ fee of Rp150k at the same time as the registration fee for the day so we will all be free to enjoy the post match celebrations and prize giving.

In terms of play, the match pairings will be arranged to play first and the rest of the players from both Societies will follow the match but we ask you be available and registered by 10.30am so we can inform the course on all the pairings and take advantage of an early start, semi shot gun or otherwise as we can arrange with the starter.

To join us for the fun of one of Jakarta’s finest courses on Sunday just sign up here as usual. Green fees of Rp800,000 including cart. As we are running a joint event there is no need to sign up to both Societies so please sign up here if you have not already signed up via D.O.G.S. & vice versa.

For those in the match, you may find the handicap on your match scorecard is a little different from the that on your daily play scorecard, this is not an administrative error but only a reflection that the match pairings were done on last week-end’s handicaps and the weekly cards reflect the latest handicap indices….

Forthcoming Tee Set Events

We are still busy sorting out the schedule and some dates which we are earmarking over the next couple of months are as follows:

  • JIL July 12th @ Riverside: Usual Tee Set Sunday event and next round of JIL (postponed from above date);
  • World Cup of Tee Set August 2nd @ Riverside: Tentative date for this event, moved from 12th July. Event Supremos Craig Edwards and Jens Roestel will be tapping up the captains to help arrange the teams for this popular event so please put your hand up to submit a team and participate in this fun event. Last year 20 teams battled it out for the trophy with the United Nations edging everyone out;
  • Birthday Anniversary Scramble 9th August @ Matoa: As the current schedule and details to follow shortly.

Both of the latter 2 events are now open and team sign-ups for the World Cup is here and the Scramble here.

PCR Swab Tests

With these tests now required for travel amongst other reasons, our sponsor Mayapada Hospitals has put together a package for the performance of these tests and details of the tests are available on the Classifieds page.

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