Sunday 14th June 2020 Riverside and Juergen Degert Trophy

The Day

Sunday saw Djakarta Old Golf Society (DOGS) and Tee Set team up for a highly successful joint day with both their regular society days and the match for the Juergen Degert Trophy being held at the excellent Riverside venue. In total, we had 64 players turn out on the day and judging by the response after the round, its a format we should look at for another event. Juergen, a stalwart of both groups and the inspiration for the creation of the match, would have been proud to see the spirit of camaraderie and competition on display during the day, and perhaps even the consumption of it afterwards….

As always, a lot of work went into making the day run smoothly and so a big thank you to the following for their partnership with us:

  • The Riverside team and management for their support on the starting and restaurant arrangements: the pool side area was a great after-round venue and a lot of work went into setting it up on our behalf;
  • Werner and his team from Jason’s Meats for the BBQ and for offering to look after the stragglers who missed out on the full selection due to their late finish;
  • John Brown, Kevin Dobson and Craig Edwards from the DOGS Committee;
  • Team Captains Simon Reynolds and Doug McQuater

An early start for your President to ensure the set up was ready for the arrival of the players saw our sponsors buckets put to good use as collection receptacles in the morning and for their more normal usage during the post match festivities. A team photo before tee off captured the mood and we all headed out on schedule for a smooth and enjoyable round under perfect blue skies.

After play was finished, we gathered around the pool to enjoy a social evening with the BBQ whilst the scoring was completed and the winners on the day determined.

Thanks to the DOGS Committee for conducting the prize giving and to Jens Roestel for his help at registrations in the morning.

The Play

Although not everyone clearly read the pre-round posts, we had announced that the prizes on the day would be following the DOGS format and held as one competition to keep it simple.

Nearest the Pins were won by Takahash-san and Eric Mary, Drive & Pitches by Doug McQuater and Jari Antikainen and the Long Drives by Chris Cromarty and Edwin Thieroff – the latter quite an exceptional distance and for which there was much discussion afterwards as to whether it was all man-powered or sprinkler head assisted …. one which seemed to take several drinks to resolve.

Booby Prize (23 points) went to Craig Edwards and Kathy Scalabre got Most Exercise for her 115 gross. Richard Mau was the Putting Champion with just 24 putts required during the round whilst Alastair Livingston and Roger Finnie both navigated the course in 78 strokes, Roger winning the prize on a back nine count-back.

With great golfing conditions, the course playing well and bragging rights the line, there was no surprise that a number of great scores were turned in. A couple of 43 pointers were expecting to be in the hunt but they were eclipsed by Sami Kekonen who’s 47 points secured only the runners-up spot as Michael Seabrook found some long lost form to score 48 points on the day and secure the Little Dog trophy on offer this week.

In the match, a few close matches all fell the DOGS side of the ledger which led to a comfortable victory 7-3 and the trophy remaining in their cabinet for another year. Captain Doug McQuater was up to receive the trophy after the Captains had thanked their teams for their participation in what was an excellent match-up. Congratulations to DOGS and to all the winners on the day…. looking forward to the next one!

Tee Set Match Play Championships

A reminder that the rest of the first knock-out round matches are due to be completed within the next 2 weeks, 28th June (previously 12th April) so we can complete the tournament by November as usual. Please also remember to submit your results by email to James Ross so he can update the competition’s progress.

Forthcoming Tee Set Events

We are still busy sorting out the schedule and some dates which we are earmarking over the next couple of months are as follows:

  • JIL July 12th @ Riverside: Usual Tee Set Sunday event and next round of JIL (postponed from above date);
  • World Cup of Tee Set August 2nd @ Riverside: Tentative date for this event, moved from 12th July. Event Supremos Craig Edwards and Jens Roestel will be tapping up the captains to help arrange the teams for this popular event so please put your hand up to submit a team and participate in this fun event. Last year 20 teams battled it out for the trophy with the United Nations edging everyone out;
  • Birthday Anniversary Scramble 9th August @ Matoa: As the current schedule and details to follow shortly.

Both of the latter 2 events are now open and team sign-ups for the World Cup is here and the Scramble here.

Next Up Gading Raya 21st June 2020 11.10am

Originally advertised as being at Rainbow Hills but with Gading Raya having reopened we have substituted the visit on the schedule to make up for missing it a couple of weeks ago when we went to Emeralda instead. Note that the course is operating a restricted schedule so we have booked 12 tee times, the most they could offer us of the just 22 available on the day. It means we have a maximum player list of 48 players so please sign up early as we will be managing the list based on first come, first registered. If you sign up and then cannot make it, please also let us know so we can substitute a player from the waiting list should we be over subscribed. Tee times are from 11.10a.m. so we’ll be finished nice and early with plenty of time to enjoy the service and refreshments in the clubhouse afterwards.

Tee times off 1 & 10 at 11.10am have been confirmed along with the attractive pricing of Rp850,000 with carts. If you are able to join us please sign up here and we look forward to seeing all who can make it on Sunday.

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