Next Up: Modern 5th July 2020 11.30am

Adding another week on the west side, we return to Padang Modern this week for our second visit of the year after our January game. A former home for our monthly medal, we are generally well looked after and have an enjoyable round making it a relaxed day out. Tee time is confirmed for 11.30am and the cost including cart is Rp870,000. If you are  interested to join us please sign up here to register.

Tee Set Match Play Championships

Thank you to everyone for their support in helping us get all first round matches completed by Sunday and a good head-start on catching up with the next round as we are few weeks behind. The updated schedule for the remaining rounds of the competition is now set out on the website and the next deadline is 26th July.

Forthcoming Tee Set Events

  • World Cup of Tee Set August 2nd @ Riverside: Tentative date for this event, moved from 12th July. Event Supremos Craig Edwards and Jens Roestel will be tapping up the captains to help arrange the teams for this popular event so please put your hand up to submit a team and participate in this fun event. Last year 20 teams battled it out for the trophy with the United Nations edging everyone out. Team sign-ups for the World Cup is here ;
  • Birthday Anniversary Scramble 9th August @ Matoa: A fun day out to celebrate Tee Set’s 37th Anniversary with a special thanks to our sponsors who are supporting the day: the ever popular Hot-Hed BBQ, Asia Serv’s ice cold smoothies, refreshing Anker beers from PT Delta and our celebratory cake from the Hotel JS Luwansa. Get your own team together and sign up for the Scramble here.


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