Sunday 5th July 2020 Padang Modern

The Day

A return visit to Modern this week after a hiatus of 6 months saw 29 Tee Setters take on the flat but occasionally deceptive challenge of this Peter Thompson designed lay-out. The staff and starter were very welcoming and we were off at our booked time of 11.30am under bright skies. With the course being a little quieter in front of us, the other afternoon gathering teeing off afterwards, we were round in good time to have the scoring and prize-giving all finished before 5pm leaving several of us to enjoy a couple of refreshments before departing.

The fairways and greens were in good condition but the soft rough and deep bunkers provided a challenge for those straying from the straight and true as did the soft slightly muddy fringes; all of which added up to just 3 players scoring under their net par.

A warm welcome to Dimitri Burge who joined us for the first time and our only notable welcome back was Bruce Smart after 15 weeks. Thank you to all the Modern staff for their hospitality this visit and to VP Ric Wymer for managing the scoring and results on the day.


The Play

A second week joining us and a second skirt saw Andy Hyndman up for the skirt photo again where he was joined by Tim Fehling who completed the booby prize tri-fecta by also securing Monster Putter and Most Strokes. Andy who had arrived close to tee off and therefore rushed to the 1st tee, settled down during the round and was able to recover his fine by taking Most Improved. First Sandy went to Alastair Livingston.

Low Putts went to Jens Roestel and First Birdie to Dave Prosser. Low Gross was secured by Roger Finnie and our Low Net winners were Ian Pemberton, Sami Kekonen and Indar Dhaliwal.

Detailed results are here: Modern0507 Results

Forthcoming Tee Set Events

  • World Cup of Tee Set August 2nd @ Riverside: Event Supremos Craig Edwards and Jens Roestel will be tapping up the captains to help arrange the teams for this popular event so please put your hand up to submit a team and participate in this fun event. Last year 20 teams battled it out for the trophy with the United Nations edging everyone out. Team sign-ups for the World Cup is here ;
  • Birthday Anniversary Scramble 9th August @ Matoa: A fun day out to celebrate Tee Set’s 37th Anniversary with a special thanks to our sponsors who are supporting the day: the ever popular Hot-Hed BBQ, Asia Serv’s ice cold smoothies, refreshing Anker beers from PT Delta and our celebratory cake from the Hotel JS Luwansa. Get your own team together and sign up for the Scramble here.

Tee Set Match Play Championships

The updated schedule for the remaining rounds of the competition is now set out on the website and the next deadline is 26th July.

Next Up: Riverside Sunday 12th July 2020 & JIL 11.30am Shot-gun

This Sunday we again take the short trip back down to Junction 19 on the Jagorawi toll as we visit the excellent Riverside course. The Greg Norman designed Riverside is always one of the most interesting challenges on the Tee Set schedule with the Shark’s trademark optical illusions regularly fooling the unwary.

In addition to our weekly schedule, this Sunday sees the much delayed 2nd round of the 2020 Jakarta Inter-League (JIL) season as Tee Set’s team, under the leadership of this year’s Captain Simon Reynolds, seeks to regain the crown last won in 2015. For those interested in more details of JIL please see the website page here.

As usual, for those Tee Set players participating in JIL (whether for Tee Set or otherwise), please also sign up as normal for the weekly competition so we can capture you for both events.

To join us for the fun of one of Jakarta’s finest courses on Sunday just sign up here as usual. Green fees of Rp850,000 including a shared cart and some free range balls with a tee time of 11.30pm.


(1) please be registered before 11.00am as we will have a shot-gun start and it takes a little more time to get bags/players organized out to the respective holes

(2) as JIL will be played off the white tees for men, we will play the white tees for Tee Set too. Ladies remain on the red tees.

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