Monthly Medal, Sunday 13 December 2020, Cengkareng Golf Club

Juju defends her title, carrying over the monthly medal between Tee Set Golf years, most probably a first.

The Day

Cengkareng continue to provide a safe and well managed day of golf and 50 Tee Setters took advantage of a rain free day to shoot some good scores and enjoy excellent company. For the first time, prizes were doubled to 200K, so lots of happy golfers. Lots of birdies too, including one not so fortunate swallow on the 15th, laid to rest after being collected by one of Ric’s more potent shots. The Javanese dove that Stefan was chasing down the 18th managed to get away. Long drive winner and avid bird watcher, Simon Reynolds, was no doubt also cataloguing some rare breeds in between practice swings. Labouring the birdie theme, the singing and whispering Presidents went head to head, starting with birdies, with Geoff carding his best ever nine hole score of 39 (24 points) and Craig not too far behind with 41 (22 points). They both eventually fell off the perch.

A big welcome back to Hari after 368 weeks and a big welcome back to the JAWS guys after 1 week, great guys, great golfers. Welcome back also to our Secretary Beby after staying safe for the last few months and welcome Steven Shih.

The Play

Well done Juju for continuing great recent form and defending the Monthly Medal. Juju was also among four tied for the lead for the eclectic competition, played over four monthly medal rounds, together with Craig, Arnold and Jude (not in the photo).

Now, this was going to be our last Tee Set eclectic round. Reason being, DOGS have a great eclectic event as their standard format and the calculations require some brains. However, with a four way tie, we needed a way to find one winner, so decided there will be a playoff at the next monthly medal at Cengkareng at the end of January. All four winners will be paired together in the pressure cooker that will be the Eclectic Playoff. If there is still a tie, the winner will be decided on low net for the day, and if still tied, will be decided by the normal competition countback process.

Taking out net prizes were Sami (A grade), Lis (B grade) and Malcolm (C Grade). Malcolm (in green here) has come in and out of Indonesia and played with Tee Set regularly over the last 7 years, and is goin home to the UK, so we wish you well mate. You know where to find a game if you are back. Tim Knight won low gross, after another four way tie, but Ric unleashed the krakoen and determined a winner. Tim, you should have been awarded 200k and you will be next week when we see you.

Photos of other winners can be found here.

But before we go, we all like a good skirt photo and there were many not reaching the ladies tee today….including three committee members, a Club Champion, a Runner Up, a Big Dog and a dove chaser….

Four Way Inter Society Competition – Matoa, Saturday 12th December.

To co-incide with DOGS penultimate eclectic round and POCKSIA and SMOGS’ final events for the year, a competition was staged involving these three, and Tee Set because they heard there would be drinks afterwards….and there were.

At stake was honour, glory and (very limited) bragging rights. The format was far too interesting to be described accurately here and involved ranking of stableford scores on each hole, awarding points based on rank and totalling points at the end of the round. With so much overlap between the societies, it was just as hard to choose sides as it was to choose a winner, but it was done and Tee Set came through with 22 1/2 points. Thanks to DOGS, Pocksia and SMOGS for a terrific day.

Next Up – Sunday 20th December 2020, Riverside Christmas “Blind Pairs” Event

In what has become a tradition up there with Secret Santa gifts and egg nog, the Christmas Blind Pairs event will be held off the white tees at Riverside next Sunday.

Pairs will be drawn from a Christmas hat, which will then be given to pairs to wear. The format will be stableford scoring, two ball better ball. This means you write down stableford points for each of you then, on each hole, you write in the best score for that hole as your team score. Bottles of wine will go to the winning teams.

As usual, register here.

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