Next Up – Sunday 20th December 2020, Riverside Christmas “Blind Pairs” Event

In what has become a tradition up there with Secret Santa gifts and egg nog, the Christmas Blind Pairs event will be held off the white tees at Riverside next Sunday.

Pairs will be drawn from a Christmas hat, which will then be given to pairs to wear. The format will be stableford scoring, two ball better ball. This means you write down stableford points for each of you then, on each hole, you write in the best score for that hole as your team score. Bottles of wine will go to the winning teams.

As usual, register here.

Blue tees or white tees for men

We want your opinion on this. Tee Set Championships and Monthly Medals will continue to be played off the blue tees for men, but we are considering shifting other weeks to the white tees. Please have your say here.


We are working to speed up the updating of handicaps. We will continue to receive cards submitted on Sundays or you can email details of your non-Tee Set rounds to, including:

Name, Date, Course Played, Tee Box, Gross Score, Adjusted Gross Score (no need for your card).

To calculate your adjusted gross score, you adjust your worst holes to the maximum score for your handicap, according to this table from USGA, and re-tally your score.

For example, I play off 16 handicap and I shoot 88 with an 8 and a 9. These scores get adjusted to 7 and my adjusted gross score becomes 85. Richard plays off 9 and he shoots 79 with a triple bogey, well that gets adjusted to a double bogey and his adjusted gross score becomes 78. Pascal playing off 32, shoots 102 with one 10 and one 11, these are adjusted to 9 and his adjusted gross score is 99.

As DOGS are moving their handicapping and scoring online, from 1 January we will have different handicapping sytems again, so Tee Setters who play DOGS will need to submit details of their DOGS rounds to maintain their Tee Set, USGA handicap.

Everything else you need to know about handicaps can be found here.

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