Sunday 27 December 2020, Gading Raya

The Day

As expected at this time of year, a more select group of 26 Tee Setters gathered at Gading Raya. We welcomed Geoff’s long time friend and colleague, Pak Harmidin, for the first time. DOGS stalwart, Rod, returned to Tee Set after 298 weeks away to celebrate his 65th birthday with golf and single malt – happy birthday mate!! Big welcomes back also to one of Tee Set’s longest playing members, Norman Bunter, recently returned from the UK after 90 weeks away, to our favourite Thai Guy, Jaturoporn (Bas), and to Gimmy after 50 weeks away. Welcome back too to Joe Alchi after 57 weeks and well done for carding the first par for the 30+ handicappers.

Mike Riley featured prominently in photos this week, firstly for his athletic swing, winning most improved (also known as last to wake up) and of course playing his part after having a “skirt”. Bas wisely went missing for that shot!

The weather started hot and sunny then clouded over but storms held off until the end of play, perhaps the Pawang Hujan is making a comeback (??).

The Play

Continuing some great recent form, James (66 net, 77 gross) and Geoff (65 net, 84 gross) won Low Net A and B Grade and KD came through for the C Graders with a very handy net 67. Andy Coop had flown the coop before he could collect his cash for Low Gross, with his 80 off the stick. I think it went to drinks, thanks Andy!!!

The ladies were not going to miss out on their share of the cash, with Rosie carding the first birdie and Reni winning Low Putts with 28…both look happy about it too!!!

Meanwhile in a beautiful island to the east, Tee Setters were shooting some decent scores at New Kuta, Bali National and Handara, Bill Lloyd cleaning up most of the winnings. A few shots from Handara here:

Next Up: Sunday 3 January, Pangkalan Jati, 11.30am

Padang Golf Pangkalan Jati in Pangkalan jati, Jawa Barat, Indonesia | Golf  Advisor

Back to what used to be Tee Set’s home base for the first round of the 2021 calendar year. Yes, before Geoff, Pete and Ric took Tee Set on the road (read your history), PJ was where most of our rounds were played. For a special taste of club history, make the short trip to the suburbs of the south. Play will be off the blue tees for men. Green fees are 675k including carts (to be confirmed). First tee time will be 11.30am. Register here as usual.

White Tees or Blues Tees for Men

Only 39 players have responded to our survey on white tees versus blue tees. This is less than an average Tee Set round, so we are keeping the survey open for a bit longer, realising people are on holidays. The Committee will make a decision in January. If you have not had your say, please do so here, or forever hold your peace.

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