Sunday 3 January 2021, Pangkalan Jati

Hole in One – Tom Grace

Let’s start with the highlight of the day – Tom Grace’s Hole in One. A solid 5 iron into the 16th, clean in. Tom picked a day with a small crowd but was very generous in sharing the joy with his fellow players after the event. Well done Tom!!

The Day

Rain threatened and a few drops fell, but nothing to intefere with what was a very fast round. Welcome back to Susan after many years, it was lots of fun having you back (see below) and we hope to see you regularly now! Ignore the newcomer entry and the changing surname – we just do that to check you are reading this, and to show we are far from perfect and enjoy it that way. Welcome to the jungle too for Rudy after a year or so back in the veldt, straight back to the winner’s circle too (below).

Depite the relatively low numbers, we made sure there was a sea of green after play. A really good atmosphere in the open air clubhouse, welcoming in the calendar New Year, that continued for several hours.

Norman and Al did the Northerners proud at one end of the table and by the end of the evening, there were even bar tricks, thanks to Tribhuvan, James, Rosie and Gaurav! Sorry, no details here, you have to stay if you want to see the bar tricks….

The Play

A mix of very solid and very wayward rounds on the tight layout and elevated greens of PJ. For the second week running, James Bristow claimed Low Net A and declared at last the secret to his winning form all year in Tee Set and DOGS – it’s all in the underwear!!! Enough said. Lis again won Low B grade, hitting greens with woods and sinking long range putts. And no, Ric, is not photo bombing winners as usual, he won Low Net C grade, no doubt fresher than usual, after a very short drive to the course from home.

Sam took Low Gross with 79 and insisted to pose here in front of a stunning orchid. Andy again flew the Coop before prizes to return to his room and practice his putting; stay tuned for his new book Putting in Quarantine. Long time Tee Setter and sponsor Bob, eventually found some form on the back nine to claim Most Improved. Rudy used his elevated handicap to advantage to pick up First Par among the 30 and overs. Rosie was first in for the First Birdie on her first hole. And the ever suave Gaurav, as he does most weeks, featured in the winnings, this time with First Sandy Par.

Susan and the band of merry gentlemen gamely accepted their fate, with Rudy and Dave somehow sharing the same skirt, and Bruce and Volker going for a new pandemic hair look.

And finally, Tee Set Former President and evergreen, Geoff, has been known to get into some tricky positions in his time, even breaking his back at one stage falling off a communications tower, but he never gives up, as we captured here. Wouldn’t expect anything less !!!!

Ask him about the result next time you see him….

A Reminder about Score Cards

With DOGS changing to an automated scoring and handicapping system, we no longer have common handicap administration. Many of us love playing in both societies and will continue to do so, but your DOGS rounds will no longer be automatically submitted for entry into the USGA handicap system administered by Tee Set.

To maintain your USGA handicap administered by Tee Set, please submit your scores for your rounds with DOGS – and anywhere else outside of Tee Set competitions on a simple email (no need for card) to with the course, date, tee box and adjusted gross score (explained previously), or, submit your cards physically on a Sunday if you prefer. We will continue to enter them to ensure you have an up to date handicap.

After a few minor glitches last year, we are now fully up to date. Thanks Ric, Beby and Lis.

Next Up: Sunday 10 January 2021, Imperial Golf Klub (with a “K”), 11.55 am

Imperial Klub Golf1 - Home | Facebook

For a few years, Imperial Golf Klub hosted Tee Set’s monthly medal. It offers a fantastic all round day of golf and hospitality, including probably the best sunset view in Jakarta, for those who stick around. New management at Imperial have lured us back with the promise of an uninterrupted round, so we are back to experience the fun challenge presented by Madonna and all her friends!!

Green fees are 995,000Rp including carts. Men to play off the blue tees. First tee time is 11.55am, but we may get off earlier, so please allow time. Sign up here as usual.

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