30th Anniversary


Formed in 1983 the Tee Set is now 30 years old. Not quite sure when middle age starts nowadays but we foresee a healthy and vigorous  one for Jakarta’s favourite golf society!!

To celebrate the event, Tee Set will be marking what some prefer to call a birthday rather than an anniversary, at Matoa Golf Club on Sunday the 1st of September. The golf will be Individual Stableford format.

The programme for the day will go something like this;

09:00 Arrival/Register/pay your 100,000 roops

09:05 Chill beans and beers on the house for breakfast!

10:45 Group photos

11:00 Tee off from 1 and 10

16:00 Yabbies, a little of Aussie’s finest wine and music (your opportunity to sing, dance, perform magic tricks, drink a yard of ale, do the “Twist” or whatever else might float your boat!)

1630 Prize Awards

16:45 The show goes on

If you have ordered a 30th Anniversary shirt then this will be given to you upon registration; if you haven’t already paid, then bring your money, we know where you live!!

If you didn’t order a shirt then a full range of sizes will be available for purchase on the day at 250,000 roops a pop. Minus embroidered names  of course.

See you at the 30th!!! …. Tee Set


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