Tee Set CommitteThe Tee Set is a loose coalition of non-denominational, colour blind, minority friendly bunch of golf nuts, with a fondness for cold beer – and even more loosely organised by a committee of the doomed.

As a bold experiment, we have not elected a President for 2021, instead agreeing to run Tee Set by sharing the load among a committee formed of ex-Presidents and willing volunteers for specific roles.

The 2021 Committee is chaired by Bill Lloyd, with Geoff Thwaites as Finance Co-ordinator, Ric Wymer as Competition Co-ordinator, Craig Ewers as Chief Scribe, David Baglivo as Matchplay Supremo and James Bristow as Events Co-ordinator.  Sam Westen has kindly agreed on his return to Jakarta to be our Interleague Captain, with Ric as Vice Captain. Like all outgoing Presidents, Roger Finnie continues to answer the call to duty, helping out with scheduling and course liaison. Keith Miller continues to be our Web Guy, even after relocating to the UK. Craig Edwards has again agreed to organize the World Cup of Tee Set, this year defending his crown with the Aussies. We have lots of great events this year, including our 2000th (try saying that five times quickly) round and a few surprises, so we welcome volunteers to run specific events, under James and Ric’s guidance. We have an all male committee currently, so it would be great to balance it out with some women Tee Setters, and the best way to ease in is to take on a special event.

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