Bill Lloyd

Bill Lloyd has been a regular Tee Setter since he first picked up a golf club in 2009. Although his handicap has probably not improved as much as he would like, his love of the game and the Tee set family has grown exponentially! Originally coming to Indonesia to chase waves and surf the best archipelago in the world, like many of us Bill met the girl of his dreams, started a family and the rest is Jakarta history. These days he is at the control tower of relocation extra-ordinaires Asian Tigers who have also been staunch supporters of Tee Set through the years and aim to be for many more.

 Bill has worked in the back round of Tee Set for a number of years, helping wherever he could, and has stepped up in 2021 to chair the committee responsible for Tee Set’s organization and planning. Although he understands the shoes of the committee chair are large ones to fill, Bill has raised his hand to throw as much energy into the group as possible. “It’s an honor to work with such a dedicated team to the cause and of course it doesn’t get any better than the Tee Set group as a whole”, Bill had to say.

 When time allows, Bill also plays with the Djakarta D.O.G.S. and is keen to encourage more events and activities amongst the two Golf Societies with the largest followings in Jakarta.