Ric Wymer

Ric Wymer is now our Competition Co-ordinator and Vice Captain of the Tee Set Interleague team after having serving as President for four years from 2008 until 2012, and again in 2013 when Geoff Thwaites handed over the reins due to work commitments.

Ric decided it was time to hand over the reins after the 2013 Tee Set Championship, but since then every new President made Ric Vice President for Almost Everything as they knew a workhorse when they saw one!

Ric is a tireless worker on behalf of Tee Set no matter what his label and still manages to be the most regular player, managing around 45 rounds a year.  He is a student of the game, often analysing swing planes and adjusting his own swing to become more athletic.

Ever since Ric moved to Depok from Kemang, his former local, the Star Deli (now called Star), has felt the pinch – without Ric, holding court over a few cold Anchor beers.

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