Roger Finnie

roger-finnieHailing from Scottish roots, Roger is a life long expat having been brought up as a child in the West Indies and then, after completing his education in the UK, he moved to Asia Pacific 29 years ago for work. He has called this corner of the globe home ever since.

With his work taking him to many countries in the region, sport has a been constant thread in how Roger connects with others in new locations.

Originally an avid rugby player, Roger took up golf when a mixture of too many painful Monday mornings in the office and age started to catch-up with his ability to enjoy playing week in and week out.

Roger has lived by the mantra that you only get out of life, what you put into it and so he has always put his hand up to help out in any society he has been a part of.

Joining Tee Set only in December 2015, Roger organized the inaugural and very successful Battle Royale inter-society match against Par 5 Club in Bali in 2016. It was no surprise then that he put his hand up to help out on the Tee Set Committee when asked to join by the incoming President – and then stepping up to fill the role of President in June 2017 when it became unexpectedly vacant mid-term. He was re-elected for 2017/8 term at the 2017 Championship event.