icon-glossaryNewcomers to Tee Set are occasionally confused by some of the bewildering array of, erm, “specialist terminology” used on the Website so we have added this, what we hope is a useful Glossary of Terms, in order to get them up to speed just as quickly as possible.

If we have missed any term that you think could do with clarification then we would be delighted to have you tell us by e-mail.

Bas – much easier to say than Jaturaporn Pibankul, easily recognisable each week as the guy who picks up his 100,000 for first par for Handicap >=30

Course the Shark built, The – Riverside Golf Club

Don’t call me Pete – Pieter Nielen-Groen

Eclectic Competition, The – really weird one that runs in parallel with the Monthly Medal and was dreamed up by the Singing President. Follow link

First par for Handicap >=30 – yep, one for the high handicappers (See Bas) – 100,000 to the one who records the first par of the day

GrumpyGraham McGeady

HOGS – Tee Set’s only supported charity. Does fantastic work with Indonesian kids born with cleft palate and/or cleft lip conditions. Give generously. Please.

Imperial Golf Klub with a KImperial Golf Klub

Jakarta Interleague – Jakarta Interleague or JIL played at Jags once a month from March to October between 8 local golf societies. The team that loses the least amount of balls for the year during match play is declared the winner. Tee Set is the incumbent trophy holder 🙂

Jags – Jagorawi Golf Club

Jellys, The – Leona Jelinkova and Jan Jelinek, a husband and wife team from the Czech Republic, one or other of them will almost always be amongst the prizes

JORR – Jakarta Outer Ring Road, the completion of which has eased access to the western courses and made many a Tee Setters life more tolerable

Laurie O’Threeputt – Laurie O’Connor of course and, we have to admit, a moniker coined by our friends at DOGS where Laurie also plays.

Low Gross a prize not in reach of a normal weekend golf warrior. Restricted to those who don’t have a real job and so can play more than once a week.

Low Net Tee Set is traditionally a low net golf society and this is the ultimate prize on any given Sunday.

Malty – John Suermondt, he will drink anyone’s 🙂

Matchplay – Annual knock-out (eventually) competition involving 40-50 Tee Setters. see link here.

Matchplay El Supremo – currently James Ross.

Monster Putter – An “award” for hitting more putts than anyone else on a Sunday – costs you 50,000 roops and a photo with the Monkey

Monthly Medal – played on the last Sunday of every month unless Interleague interferes. Stableford based – and the winner gets a coveted place on the Monthly Medal Trophy. Link here.

Most Improved – An award for the player with the most strokes improvement from their front nine to their back nine – 100,000 prize. You may notice a little box at the top of your scorecard, this is for writing in the hole you started on – fairly useful information in determining the winner in this category, so fill it in!!

Most Strokes – An “award” for hitting more strokes on a single hole than anyone else on a Sunday – costs you 50,000 roops, a photo and, more often than not, a derogatory mention in the newsletter.

Mullins, To do a – the act of throwing a club or clubs or even a full bag in exasperation at poor play (into a nearby body of water is traditional when available)

Nugraha, Wina – as in “has Wina arrived yet?”, perhaps the question more voiced than any other on a typical Tee Set morning.

Pie, MrsSanti Miller

Newcomer, A – a player playing for the very first time

Past President of Some Things, The  – Peter Reichlmeier

Pastis Pascal – Pascal Bekaert, previously Monthly Medal & Eclectic Co-ordinator and now President.

Pawang Hujan – a local itinerant engaged to keep rain away from the course. Only works by random chance but adds to the local colour.

Peter Rancamaya – Peter Reichlmeier

PJ – Pangkalan Jati Golf Club, former long time home course of the Tee Set

Skirt, A – an “award” for failing to pass the Ladies tee box – costs you 50,000 roops and a photo. Recipients are almost invariably male, but one time …..

Singing President, The – Craig Ewers

Vice President – Member Benefits and Attracting More Ladies – Mel Cantarella

Vice-President of Almost Everything, The – Ric Wymer

Vice-President of Exotic Drinks, The – James Young, noticeable only by his absence these days

Web Guy, The – Keith Miller

Welcome Back, A – someone who returns to the fold after not having played Tee Set for at least 4 weeks

Whisperer, The Caddy – Geoff Thwaites

Winter Rules – also called lift, clean and place or preferred lie , are declared when courses are wet.  The USGA, whose rules we follow, allows local club committees to determine winter rules.  Our interpretation, based on common practice on Jakartan courses, is that lift, clean and place is allowed within 6 inches (15cm) if your ball is muddy and if it lands on fairways or closely mown rough (first cut).  You should mark your ball first and announce to a playing partner you are taking relief under winter rules.  Please note this is different from taking relief for casual water or a plugged lie out of a bunker, this is always available.