Major Honours Board

Tee Set Trophy

The venerable Tee Set Championship Trophy (1985)

For an institution with a 30 plus year history, the Tee Set honours board is rather sparse as the idea of an Annual Club Championship did not really take hold until 2007 – while we currently have no evidence that the first Tee Set Match Play Championship took place before 2008!

There was a “bi-annual championship” held, according to the Tee Set Championship Trophy itself, in the mid-eighties however, and the net winners names from those years have now been added to the Honours Board.

Of the blank interregnum years nothing is known, at least to us; should you have any information then we should be delighted to hear from you!

As you see, we have only ever had one “double champion“, Ian Barr in 2009

2019 Tee Set Champion Mike Riley and Best Gross Winner Richard Mau

With the passing of Tee Set stalwart Clyde Wickiser in 2018, President Roger Finnie announced the creation of a memorial trophy in his honour to be awarded to the Tee Set Clubman of Year. This trophy will be awarded on the date of the Tee Set Anniversary Event and the inaugural awardee was VP Ric Wymer in recognition of his long term support and commitment to Tee Set over the last 20 years. Geoff Thwaites was our second awardee in 2019 followed by Keith Miller in 2020.

If you are looking for the Monthly Medal Honours Board then go here.

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