For those of us used to playing team sports, we know there is a bond which is built by competing together with team mates. It brings a special connection and a greater sense of achievement when the ecstasy of winning can be shared with others.

Tee Set’s participation in the Jakarta Inter-league therefore brings you the opportunity to experience that ecstasy again, or, if results don’t go our way, share a drink or 2 to discuss what may have been!. It is also a great way to meet other like minded golfers who play at other courses or with other societies and build new friendships along the way.

The Jakarta Inter-league is played each year, perhaps unsurprisingly, in a league format, with each team playing all the other teams on an approximately monthly basis from February or March until November with a 2 month break in July and August, coinciding with the time when many take their long family holidays.

Each team comprises 8 players with each match consisting of 2 singles and 3 Four Ball games in matchplay format. Scoring is 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and SFA for a loss so there are 10 points available in match; all scores count towards the final league table which is based on total points won rather than individual match results. Obviously, the team with the most points at the end of the season gets to celebrate taking home the trophy and, as importantly, a year of bragging rights.

The Tee Set team will be selected based on an individual’s desire to play and enjoyment of match-play. There is a tendency to select those playing  close to or on handicap – which handicap you are is irrelevant. There is a cap of a 28 handicap for playing in the league so any players with a higher handicap will be automatically cut to 28.

As almost all of the other teams also have a Tee Setter or 2 in their mix, the Sunday league is almost like a regular Tee Set gathering so there is for most part, no need to worry about missing your regular partners if you wish to participate. Just sign up 🙂

2020 Season

The new season of JIL matches will commence on 8th March 2020 at Riverside and will be run in parallel to the regular Tee Set Sunday. The schedule for the season is as below:

Captain for the 2020 season will be Simon Reynolds and he is looking to build his squad for the forthcoming games. If you are interested to represent Tee Set in JIL please contact Simon directly on WhatsApp +6287882094706 or catch him at a Tee Set game and let him know.

Recent Past Results

Having won the league in 2015, Tee Set relinquished their crown in 2016 and were not as competitive as we would have liked the following couple of years. Despite winning the final scramble event in 2018, Tee Set had a difficult year and collected the wooden spoon.

Under the leadership of new Captain Simon Oxley, the 2019 season however started brightly with a win against the 2018 defending Champions, Tin Cups. A couple of narrow losses followed and so despite finishing strongly in the final 2 rounds, Tee Set had to be content with a 2nd place finish in the league as defending champions, Tin Cups, again proved to be too strong with convincing wins in their remaining matches to retain their crown.

The 2017 reports and final league standing is here.