Joining Tee Set

welcome Joining Tee Set really couldn’t be easier, just fill in the form below and hit the “Submit>>” button.

You will then receive a welcome e-mail – and your invitation to join us at any future Tee Set event.

There is no joining fee; just a Rp.100,000 charge each time you play to cover the small weekly cash prizes – and special events such as the annual Tee Set Championship.

Unless you are just on a business visit, however, we do ask that all new players purchase one of our fabulous Tee Set Shirts!!

Put your clubs in your shipment and still waiting for them?  While you should have hand carried them, no worries, you can get going with the quality steel or graphite clubs available to the newly arrived for a donation of 100,000 rupiah per round to Tee Set funds. Speak to any of the committee members and/or mention your need when you fill in “Yes, I’m playing“. Sorry, right handed only.

Please now COMPLETE THE PROCESS by adding your e-mail address under the Tee Set logo. top right – when you will receive all future updates about play and upcoming events.

29 Responses to Joining Tee Set

  1. Andreas Stokowy says:

    Hope we have fun

  2. Kathy Scalabre says:

    Hey all, it was great to meet you all and go out on my very first golf experience in Indonesia. Hope to come back often for more golf and comraderie.

  3. Lim Jonghwa says:

    I want to join from this weekand.

  4. Eric Park says:

    I am very Interested in This Kinds of Club.
    I’d like to have opprtunity to have fun in this club

  5. Robert Stuart says:

    I have played the occassional game with u …i am a long term member of Jagorawi…spend less time than previously in jkta but always interested in a social game

  6. Paul Jocis says:

    Paul Daud told me about this.

  7. Seung Hwan, Baek says:

    Nice to meet you all.

  8. Malcolm Hines says:

    I joined last week w/ Richard Mau

  9. Malcolm Hines says:

    Tomorrow 10/03 I am playing with Bill Lloyd

  10. Ozzy SJ Park says:

    Nice join!!

  11. Kim hai su says:

    Selamat play golf.

  12. christophe beau says:

    Is it possible to join this Sunday 21/7?

    • rogerfinnie says:

      Dear Christophe, You are very welcome to join and I have sent you an email with the details to do so.

  13. JeongBo Shim says:

    Hello. This is Shim from south korea. Nice to meet you.

    • rogerfinnie says:

      Hello Shim, we look forward to seeing you at one of our events – please go to our website to sign up when you are free to join

  14. Nicholas sharp says:

    I have just moved to Jakarta and am looking to play some golf in my free time. I used to play regularly but have not played for several years an am looking to get back into it and explore different courses. Waiting for my clubs to be sent in shipping.

  15. John Paul Silva Salgado says:

    Let’s get it on!!!

  16. John Paul Silva Salgado says:

    Yes I’m playing!!! With Bill Lloyd and Richard mau

  17. Steven Tan says:

    Planning to fly JKT solo second week of Feb and wud like to play nearby courses around BSD city

  18. bambang widiyanto says:

    hopefully could join this amazing golf club soon.

  19. Jason Seo says:

    Dear All
    I have just moved to Jakarta.
    I am very Interested in This Kinds of Club.
    Hope to come back often for more golf and comraderie

  20. Mahmood Al-Bayati says:

    Can’t wait till the first round

    • rogerfinnie says:

      Welcome to Tee Set and thank you for joining us. We look forward to seeing you out on the course soon
      kind regards

  21. Riccardo says:

    Looking forward to 🏌️‍♂️

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