Match Play

Tee Set holds an annual match play competition open to all members with the entry fee being a paltry Rp. 100,000, while the bragging rights that come with winning are guaranteed to last for a full year.

The structure of the event has varied a little from year to year, however, each player is guaranteed a minimum of two matches – and many previous winners have indeed come back from the dead after losing their first placement round match.

2021 Match Play Competition

Entries for the 2021 Match Play Competition are now closed. Results of the placement round matches completed to date are below:

For those already into the knock-out rounds you can find your next games here:

2021 Teeset Matchplay Emas Bracket

2021 Teeset Matchplay Kuning Bracket


2020 Champion 

Please congratulate our new champion, Arnold Castillon who defeated Mark Johnson 4&2 in the final in what was a competitive competition in 2020.

Competition Guidelines

    1. Match VenueAll matches should be played on the first Tee Set event in which both players are registered, unless approved by the coordinator, who must be convinced the arrangement is agreed and fair on both players.  If not deemed fair, then the match will be awarded to the player willing to play at the Tee Set event.  Please include the coordinator in all email exchanges when scheduling outside matches.
    2. Matches Undecided at DeadlineAll match winners must be decided by the deadline or the coordinator declares a winner based on who was registered to play the most times during the period.
    3. Random DrawThe two bracket system will continue, with first round winners going to Emas (Gold) bracket and first round losers going to Kuning (Brass) bracket.  The draw will be random, regardless of handicap, and will be made at Cengkareng after Monthly Medal on 31st January 2021.
    4. Matches Interrupted by WeatherIf a match is interrupted by weather and cannot be finished on that day, the players may decide to play the remaining holes at another time at another course (applying rule 1 and 2 above).  In resumed play situations, if all strokes have already been given in the interrupted round, then no strokes will be given in resumed play. If strokes are still due in resumed play, then they will be awarded on the most difficult of the remaining holes based on stroke index.  Players all square at the end of the remaining holes of a resumed match will continue to play until one wins a hole (that is, sudden death).  In this event, players assume they are starting again and strokes are given on the most difficult holes based on stroke index (for example, handicap difference between players is 5 and hole 6 is the first sudden death hole and is stroke index 7, no stroke is given; but if hole 6 is stroke index 3, then a stroke is given).  In the rare event that players remain all square at the end of 18 holes of resumed play then a putt off will decide the winner. 
    5. Fair PlayIt has come to the attention of the committee that there are competitors that are playing outside games and not turning in cards to Tee Set.  This defeats the spirit of fair-play and the rules of match play.  Please turn in your cards so that our handicap system can be adjusted to properly reflect your level of skill.  Failing to do such is grounds for disqualification of match and the competition.
    6. HandicapsMatches should be played using the latest Tee Set handicap for each player except as mentioned below. If playing during a Tee Set event then the handicap for the day will be provided to you by the Secretary. If playing outside of a usual Tee Set event then the handicap for each player on the course being played can be found on the Tee Set web-site under the handicap section.  If there is a difference between the players handicaps, the lower handicap player will give the higher handicap player shots based on the difference of the handicaps. These shots will be applied starting from the most difficult hole (ranked 1) up to the hole ranking equivalent to the number of shots being given. E.g. If 7 shots are being given then the shots are given 1 each on holes ranked 1 to 7. If a match involves players teeing off from different tees then the handicap difference calculated above should be further adjusted for the difference in the standard stroke scores (SSS) between the tees. These numbers can be found on the course scorecard listed as “rating” for each tee. E.g. if the red tees have a SSS of 69 and the blue tees a SSS of 71 then the player off blue tees has 2 strokes added to the initial handicap before calculating the difference in strokes above. Similarly if the red tees are SSS 73 and the blue tees SSS 71 then the player off the red tees has 2 strokes added to the initial handicap before calculating the difference in strokes as above. If there are any questions on the calculation of handicap differences for a match, please see the Match Play coordinator or a member of the Committee before teeing off to clarify the strokes to be given.


Full competition details for various years available in the following links:








1 Response to Match Play

  1. Pascal Bekaert says:

    Congratulations James on winning the Tee Set Match Play competition this year, after coming so close last year! And thank you for organizing it in 2016 and committing to doing it again in 2017

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