News from afar

By its very nature, as largely a Jakarta home for expatriated golf lovers, Tee Set sees its members come and go, some quickly and others only after a very long time and even, for a lucky few, never.

No matter how long they stay, we find that those who go are often keen to keep in touch with Tee Set one way or another – and in fact the old e-mail newsletter was sent to rather more people out of country than in Indonesia, and our Web Site is read all over the globe every week.

Sometimes those who have moved return for a game or two and this is always a delight – and some even let us know what it happening in their golf world now that they have escaped the Tee Set. This section of the website brings some of those happenings to a wider audience.

So, should you have left us and would like to share a little of your new golfing life or perhaps some memories of your time with Tee Set then we would just love to put it up here.


13th April 2020

Alex Kushnir Former Tee Set President – Joined 2005 

Alex is a former President of Tee Set and still follows the weekly blogs to keep up with what is happening in Jakarta despite having departed some years ago to the USA. Alex has been contributing to his own blog for over 30 years, offering his unique insights to what is going on the world at the time of writing. For those with plenty of time on your hands, you can catch up with his latest musings at :

13th March 2020

Matt Otto – Active member 2016 – 2020

“Hola” from Mexico City: Having first met on the Pacific island of Guam some 20 years, Matt Otto and President Roger Finnie’s paths crossed again at the 10th hole at Matoa golf course 4 years ago whilst both waited to tee off one Tee Set Sunday. Friendship rekindled, they remain in touch and Matt sends a warm welcome and best wishes to everyone in Tee Set from his new home in Mexico City,  having relocated there late last year.

Work and settling the family in are going well and Matt is looking forward to finding the local “Tee Set” group so he can get out on the links again now his clubs have arrived. If anyone has any contacts and/or experience of golfing in or around Mexico City, Matt would appreciate the information. Please contact Roger Finnie to connect to him.

1st March 2016

Jeff Leaver – active Tee Set Member  2012-2013

Hi there.

I am the Jeff Leaver from South Africa referred to in the newsletter. I was part of the Tee Set rank and file on and off for about 18 months, really really enjoyable. Sadly balmy golf days in Jakarta are a thing of the past for me, none-the-less I am an avid reader of Tee Set correspondence and, I wear a rapidly fading orange golf shirt (2012 issue?) with pride and a sense of nostalgia.

A special thanks to Ric who was my first host.

Keep golfing.

Jeff Leaver

A reply from the Vice-President of Most Things

Hi Jeff,

Good to hear from you again and thanks for the rap. It always gave me pleasure to see new players joining our group from all over the world with hardly a complaint from anyone about how the show was run. Simple formula… throw new comers into flights made up of hard drinking, rough talking but generally hospitable long term Jakarta residents and see how they got on. The majority always came back for another round sooner rather than later.

The orange shirt was very popular but I have a number of spares from the following years that have been just as popular. if you ever get back to this part of the world you can grab a vintage Tee Set model for a song. 🙂

Nice to know you are still following the group from afar. Happy golfing going forward.

Best regards,

1st March 2016

Phil McKean  – active Tee Set Member  2011-2007

Hi Ric,

Just like Jeff I really enjoy keeping up with the news and the stories – always makes me smile. You’lI probably recall I played T Set from 2001 to 2007 and was introduced by Joel Puzey, played some Interleague with his son and one of the worlds most red blooded blokes Scott, great fun being around them always. Then came the legendary Mat Harter. I could go on.

Keep up the good work and I really must try and play on my next visit.

Kind regards from a cold, wet London!

Phil Mckean.

And once again a reply from the Vice-President of Most things, this time with his replying hat on ….

Hi Phil,
Agree quite a few legends have come and gone. We see Scott every year at the Bali Classic and last year he finally won the event. If you look on the web page under gallery you’ll find some old photos submitted by ex president John Murt. Mostly from around 2001 so check them out.
If you come to Jakarta join Tee Set for a hit. We have plenty of spare club sets to suit your game.

5th February 2015

Dave Tarcy – active Tee Set Member  1993-2011

and long serving Committee Member of note

FrankDave had left Aussie for the frozen wastelands of Germany to take up a short term post at the International School in Frankfurt. Won’t stop him getting back to Jakarta occasionally for sure.

Lovely city Frankfurt and there are some very pretty pictures of the city in Dave’s PDF

22nd December 2014

Dan Richards – active Tee Set Member 2013-2014

Just passing along a quick photo of Craig and I catching up in Sydney.

If anyone now or in the future finds themselves in Sydney and fancies a round please reach out.

Dan and Craig - Sydney

See the gang in April


27th August 2013

Dave Tarcy – active Tee Set Member 2005-2011

Hi All,

You’re doing a great job with the Teeset site, always enjoy reading the latest.  I had a browse and have some info for you.  Doug Slusher won the inaugaral Match Play in, I think 2008 and I believe Ian Barr did the double in 2009, winning both.  I’m sure of Slusher but might have the years wrong.. 
Also a quick google of Tee Set gives  a few interesting links you may want to share  
A women’s golfing association in Detroit Michigan stole our name!!
While wikipedia has info on a Dutch Rock band, also rejoicing in the name of Tee Set, and can be found here.
Best to all, Dave

5th February 2013

Stan Cooke – active Tee Set Member 1991-1994

Hi Guys….just been checking the site….your doing a great job on this. I love catching up with this better than all the other Jakarta News rags I get!

Now, to put the record straight, I am not as old as Steve Jacobs!! I was in fact a Tee Set member from September 1991 when I first arrived in Jakarta. I played my first Indonesian round at Pangkalan Jati and with the Tee Set. Shot a net 68 and was declared a sand-bagger… despite drinking a case of beer! Had the same caddie at PJ for the next 10 years and it still remains my favorite Jakarta course.

I guess my name remains in the system as I played with the Tee Set last year at Gading Raya and it is still registered, so I guess I remain a member albeit non resident!

I was not a regular Tee Setter after 2004 as I moved out to Sentul and took up regular Saturday golf, but did manage the occasional game with Chipper and Mida Barwick.

One thing for sure, I will return and play with the Tee Set this year and I look forward to it!

Cheers, Stan

Thanks Stan, always happy to set the record straight of course – give us some notice of when you will be here and we will try and make it a PJ Sunday!

21st January 2013

Steve Jacobs – active Tee  Set member 1989-92(??)

Stan Cooke, thanks for the memories. I was a (very) irregular T Setter from a couple of years later, and remember when Swanny (Jim Swanson) ran the show, just to prove I can remember something from back then. I just wanted to point out to the members that the Monthly Medal is a reprise of the same function from the late 1980′s and early 1990′s, as (unusually enough) I won one, a Bangka tin mug from the new sponsor, the Cajun Kitchen, located across from what is now the New Zealand International School, and formerly a great party house…what was I saying?

Steve Jacobs

Many thanks for that Steve.

They say that those who forget their history are condemned to repeat its mistakes. We do it all the time!!

In the unlikely event that you still have the mug then please let us have a photo of it!

17th January 2013

Stan Cooke – active Tee Set Member 1983-198?

May 1984 (5)Went to the website to ‘follow’ and it looks great. Good job and it is great to read about all the fun you guys are still having after all these years….different faces but the same basic regard for the love-hate game!

I do wish we had been as organized in the days when I hung out with the Tee Set….if we had documented more of it, we’d be able to remember it better!

I get to the point of the e-mail which was caused by my inability to post this photo under the comments (probably due to my own ignorance!). This happy looking bunch was snapped in the early days of Tee Set and I thought it might be appropriate for the gallery somewhere. It includes some of the founding members: Fred Lay, Jack Larson, Des Murray, Jean Bammel and some of the regulars…Les Weisner, Paul Rau and a lot of familiar faces but no names! Other than Ron Flint who may be able to shine some light of the rest of the group.

It was Dale Potter that sent me this several years ago (there was an original copy hanging in Jack’s Bar in Balikpapan for years) and he told me of the time his daughter first saw the photo and asked about some of the people. When seeing Des Murray, she rushed to call Des’s daughter after sending the photo to her….here’s a photo of your dad with meat on him!

Great people, good times and the same old golf game! Enjoy …. Stan


3 Responses to News from afar

  1. Anne Murray Lennon says:

    Just ‘happened’ on this photo of my much loved late brother, Des Murray. Lovely to see him looking well and obviously happy at that time. I miss him a lot. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Ric Wymer says:

    Hi Anne. My membership of Tee Set only started in 2001 so I didn’t see a lot of Des on the course. Mostly it was in the StarDeli having a drink with the boys after work and solving the never ending drilling problems that happened here on a daily basis. Nevertheless his natural sporting ability and prowess was legendary. In recognition of his contributions to Tee Set over the years we established an annual Championship event with a perpetual winners trophy bearing his name. Check the Honors tab on our web page for some of the past winners. We have an archive of old photos so if you like we can have a search for more photos of Des.

    • Anne says:

      Ric,Thank you so much ! Des and I (being at the upper end of a large family) remained close, though far apart geographically, throughout the years. He was a great guy at heart – but of course neglected his health dreadfully as the years passed.But he was brave and rarely complained, right to the very end.Naturally, I would welcome any photos you may come across: I have become the ‘keeper’ of family history at this stage.Many thanks.I wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.Kind regards,Anne.

      Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 13:47:32 +0000 To:

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