Rules of Golf

Like all organized games, Golf is governed by a set of rules which layout the way the game is expected to be played. At Tee Set we play under the USGA rules for play and handicapping.

Whilst much emphasis is placed on the penalties for errant or incorrect play, knowledge of the rules can enhance one’s enjoyment of the game and also save you strokes on the course if you know how to use them to your advantage.

Here is a picture from a recent Tee Set game which is sadly a situation many of us face week in and week out as attention to repairing bunkers and divots is not top of mind for the many players ahead of us (since they expect their caddies to do it and do not check) nor most of the caddies at the end of the week-end when their energy levels can be low and policing by course management is unfortunately negligible at some courses we play.

Would you know what your options are?? For those who learnt under the R&A rules, do you know the difference to the USGA rules for play in bunkers?

Well the good news is that from 2019 the R&A and USGA have agreed to a single codification of the rule book. They have also taken account of the growth of the modern game and introduced some new rules and simplified others with the social golfer in mind.

In addition to the new rule book, they have introduced a Player’s Edition which explains many of the rules in language most golfers can understand. Attached are:

2019 New Rule Book

2019 Players Edition  Rule Book