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The Tee Set Eclectic is a multi-round golf tournament, also known as a Ringer tournament, that results in one 18-hole score per player, based on the lowest net score that player recorded on each hole of the X number of rounds he played, during 4 rounds at the same course. The winner will not only have bragging rights until the next cycle, but will also get his name immortalized on the Tee Set Eclectic trophy, and all this with no extra work from the players, as the scores are all taken off your Tee Set scorecard by our secretaries.

Cycle XIV

After some consideration, we have decided to de-couple the monthly medal and Eclectic cycles so as to allow each competition to have its own focus and attention. We will also hold 1 cycle per year going forward. This cycle will be the first one under the new arrangements and will be conducted at Imperial Golf Klub over 4 visits: 4th April, 11th July, 1st August and 14th November. If there is a tie after the 4 rounds, the winner will be based on count-back based on the final eclectic score.. back 9/last 6/last 3…. if still tied then a hole by hole count-back from 18 will be made.

The hole by hole scores after the first round held on 4th April are here: tee-set-eclectic-2021-imperial-r1-4th-april-revision-1-final

Cycle XIII


This cycle began with the August Monthly medal and rans through to the December Monthly Medal with a hiatus for the Tee Set Championships in November but this was not enough to separate 4 players, our first ever tie and with no rules in place for selecting a winner on count-back we decided to have a winner take all extra round among Juju Juhaeriah, Jude Alexander, Arnold Castillon and Craig Edwards. Emerging out of this competitive group was Arnold Castillon who added the Eclectic Trophy to his recent Match Play victory.

Cycle XII

Cycle XII bridged the COVID hiatus and so spanned January to July 2020 with our February Monthly Medal Winner Jari Antikainen scoring an Eclectic 55 net holding off our January medalist, Tribhuvan Singh and Arnold Castillon who both tied for second on 59 net. Having finished second on Cycle XI has Jari found the secret formula?

Cycle XI

Cycle XI consisted of 4 rounds running during the monthly medals in the period of August to December 2019 (not counting November which is our Championship month) and again we were to emerge from round 4 with a new winner.

September Monthly Medal winner and Round 3 leader, Tom Grace, maintained his lead from the chasing pack and with an improvement of 5 holding off Cycle VIII winner Amol Singhal, Jochen Overberg and Jari Antikainen who all finished in a tie for 2nd.

With trophy missing at the presentation due to a SNAFU by President Roger Finnie, Tom needed to imagine what it would be like to hold it…. no worries Tom, we’ll get an update soon enough!

Cycle X – Final Result: Matthew Powell Champion

After 3 rounds of Cycle X, there were a bunch of contenders headed by Cycle VII champion James Ross. We headed into the final round with high expectations of hailing our first repeat champion but with James unable to find any improvement on his Eclectic Score on the day, Matthew Powell‘s birdie on the last hole was enough to launch him into the lead and secure the crown for Cycle X. Matthew was having his last game with Tee Set before departing for Canada with work so we know we will have a new champion in Cycle XI.

Commiserations to James and Congratulations to Matthew.

Cycle IX – Final Result: Lorenzo Marengo Champion

Having been tied for the lead after 2 rounds, Lorenzo edged ahead of Cycle VII champion, James Ross in round 3 but also saw a strong posse of contenders pull closer to the leading 2 players. In round 4, Lis Wymer the Monthly Medalist, Richie Tiblani and James Ross all improved to an Eclectic Score of 55 to tie for second as Lorenzo eeked out 2 additional scores to win Cycle IX on 53 points. Congratulations to Lorenzo for winning this cycle, continuing the trend of a new winners every cycle….. so far!

Cycle VIII – Final Result: Amol Singhal Champion

Having taken the lead with his fantastic score in Round 3, Amol held on to beat the hard charging Wahyu Budi and David Baglivo to become our 8th different winner since we started this event. Congratulations to Amol.

Cycle VII – Final Result: James Ross Champion

Round 3 saw Lis Wymer and Laurie O’Connor shoot up the leaderboard with improvements of 12 and 11 strokes, respectively, to their Eclectic scores and with another former winner Craig Edwards lurking, there was all to play for in Round 4. Despite a wobbly start James Ross steadied his round to improve his score by 2 and narrowly hold off defending Eclectic Trophy holder, Laurie O’Connor. A very happy and perhaps slightly relieved James Ross collected the trophy from President Roger Finnie after the final round in this cycle at Cengkareng. Congratulations to James who will now join the former winners below in having his name engraved on the trophy.

Past Champions


Eclectic Trophies

The current trophy

The now retired ‘coffin’ trophy

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