Tee Set Schedule

Below is a snap shot of the current bookings in Tee Set for the next 3 months. Much is subject to the social restrictions which may be applied and evolve in the coming weeks and of course whether courses are actually open or not at the time we plan to play – please check the “Yes I’m Playing” page for the up to date current week’s plan and the news for any last minute changes. If there are questions please check in with one of the committee members.


This can move about a bit – and sometimes at relatively short notice, so it’s wise to check with the front page on a Friday if not actually before setting off on a Sunday morning.

Material changes at any stage will be advised to registered players only by e-mail, another good reason to get registered – and registered early.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2021-04-02-173015.png

Above is the current 2021 schedule for the next few months as we work with courses for rates and booking availability. It is subject to change as noted above often as we are informed of new tournaments etc… a PDF of the full year’s schedule is here: 20210330-tee-set-2021-schedule

We know the program is not perfect and that  we can never make everyone happy all of the time, however, it is what it is, the best we can do; complain too volubly and we will put you in charge of making all the course bookings and give the Committee a break.

9 Responses to Tee Set Schedule

  1. Mike Garwood says:

    Guys we are so lucky to have the only club in Indonesia as well organized as the TEE SET with passionate committee members who give their time to ensure that all details are taken care of for the players every week of the year and fun events are included during the season for the enjoyment of all. The statistics that are produced by Keith are second to none and extremely interesting. As I said, this is a labor of love by many people and we are lucky to have this team. Cheers for 2015 all…. Mike

  2. Mike Harling says:

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Well done Teeset team! It is a privilege to be a member. Great organisation to the team!

  4. Harry Hill says:

    I’d like to play on 4 November… Kathy might also join in…

  5. Hi guys
    Is it possible for me to join the group at Imperial on the 20th Jan.
    If yes what do I need to do to confirm.
    Brad McCaughan

  6. Marcelo de Jesus says:

    Joining at Rancamaya May 10, 2020 with Dan Javier. Thanks!

  7. Michael Mueller says:

    I have to cancel for Cengkareng tommorow 25. April 2021.



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