Yes, I’m playing!!!

After you have successfully completed this form you will receive an on-screen confirmation that you have been registered. There will be NO further confirmation until all registered players are sent the Registrations, Flights and Handicaps Summary no later than 2pm the day before play, ie Saturday

Note this is a 4 club event so before arriving at the course please remove those clubs which are not being used to avoid any confusion. Clubs chosen are at the discretion of the player e.g., you may choose your putter or to putt with a different club.

We will be playing off the white tees for men. Tee time is 11.00am subject to the starter as always and walking option at Rp500k only.

Put your clubs in your shipment and still waiting for them?  While you should perhaps have hand carried them, no worries, you can get going with the quality steel or graphite clubs available to the newly arrived for a donation of a bargain 100,000 rupiah per round to Tee Set funds. Speak to any of the committee members and/or mention your need in the comment box above. Sorry, right-handed only. You might also use the comment to let us know if you would like to take advantage of car sharing.

Should you subsequently need to cancel your registration then simply fill in this form again – and tell us of the development in the comments field.

27 Responses to Yes, I’m playing!!!

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  12. Patrick walser says:

    I am so sorry… I have to cancel tomorrow

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  19. Baek Seung Hwan says:

    Good to see you again.

  20. John Paul Silva Salgado says:

    Yes I’m playing

  21. Emiliano R Marcelo says:

    Would like to get post regularly. Thanks

    • rogerfinnie says:

      Emil, there is a link to receive the blogs on the home page; complete your email address and confirm then you will receive them each week. please see a member of the committee if you need assistance. Roger

  22. Axel says:

    Sorry can not join.
    Axel Hertzke

  23. Douglas mcquater says:

    Sorry cant make golf today rgds dmq

  24. Richard mau says:

    Playing with Bill Lloyd Craig Ewers and David Baglivo
    …. also Aaron Davis will join this weekend at Imperial

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